How to Study for HSC General Maths – The Three Common FAQs!

How to Study for HSC General Maths – The Three Common FAQs!

This article was written by Aleesha Ng, an HSC General Maths tutor. You can see more about Aleesha’s tutoring services here.


1. What is the structure of HSC General Maths exam?

It is a 2.5 hours paper. It contains 25 multiple choice questions and five 15-mark questions. I suggest students to spend 30 minutes on the 25 multiple choice question (approximately slightly more than 1 minute for each question) and allow 20 minutes on each of the written questions (100 minutes in total for 5 questions). This way, you will have 20 minutes in the end to double check your answers.

2. Can you give me some exam tips for HSC General Maths exam?

Tip 1: Gather Marks Early

The goal is a Maths exam is to gather as many marks as possible before you start getting to those impossible questions at the end. Think about it, one mark on the really easy questions is worth just as much as one mark on one of those impossible questions. We tend to say that up until about halfway through the exam, you try not losing any marks. After that, you may start to lose a few marks as the questions start to get harder. So, gather as many marks as early as possible.

Tip 2: Do all your working onto the page

Once you get later into the exam, and you are battling through and not really sure how to do a few questions, any working that you have in your head to do with that question, write it down onto the page. You may pick up a few marks from the marker by writing some working that actually is pretty correct.

3. How to maximise my marks in HSC General Maths exam?

Attempt every question and underline or highlight the key terms that might help you to answer the question correctly. For example, a question may ask “a manufacturing company produces cans of magic bean. They can have a diameter of 10 am and a height of 10cm. What is the volume of the can? Answer in meter.” In this case, you will need to highlight the unit and remember to answer in meter so that you don’t lose any silly marks.

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How to Study for HSC General Maths – The Three Common FAQs!

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