How to Use the Swot-Vac Period

How to Use the Swot-Vac Period

This article has been written by Liam McAlary, a Years 7 – 12, VCE Legal Studies and VCE English Language Tutor at Learnmate. If you’re interested in private tutoring from Liam then please check out his page here.

Hey guys, here is my first article for the month of October. This article focuses on the Swot-Vac period which many of you have or are about to embark upon. As you would know, this period is where you do not have not have any formal classes, although your study will probably be more intense than it has ever been during this time.

This period will be different for everyone, as each school starts this period at different times and each student has a slightly different exam timetable, meaning that different exams will be your primary focus at different times throughout this period. With English Language being one of the later exams (Friday November 16), other exams are (rightly) going to be your priorities earlier during this time. However, it is also important that you do not neglect English Language (and other subjects with later exams), during the earlier stages of this period.

During this period, it is important that you are doing practice exams and revising the key knowledge (and skills) from the year. You should probably be moving towards doing closed book and closed time practice exams, which obviously simulate exam conditions.  Maybe for English Language, you would not be at that stage yet as the exam is still over a month away. Nonetheless, you should be starting to head in that direction. In terms of timed practice exams, if you do not finish it in time, I would still recommend completing the exam in a different coloured pen, meaning you still get to practise your response but are aware that your time management or efficiency needs to improve.

Furthermore, it is vital that after you complete a practice exam, you get feedback. The assessor’s report is a very good starting point when you are reviewing your work, however for writing based subjects (humanities, Englishes, etc.), I would strongly advise getting a human being (a teacher ideally) to read and mark your work as there is a much bigger scope of what constitutes an acceptable response.

Finally, just because you do not have formal classes, it does not mean you will not have access to your school. Your school probably has a place set up for year 12 study. This is really useful if you struggle to study at home, or if you just want a convenient place to meet up and study with your friends/classmates. Additionally, you will still have access to your teachers during this period and I have said this a few times, they are your best resource. They will still be able to see your work, mark your work and give you feedback on it, right up until the exam, so utilise them. Maybe make a weekly appointment with them.

Anyway, I hope this article has helped you and I will have another one out in a couple of weeks.


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How to Use the Swot-Vac Period