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June 4, 2021Klein E

Tutoring is a fulfilling and important role many students take on following the conclusion of their high school studies. There are several ways a tutor can ensure they are performing this role to the best of their ability, to ensure their students are getting the most out of lessons.

Be Adaptable

Every student is unique in their approach to learning; therefore, it is essential that tutors are adaptable to a range of their student’s needs. It may take a few sessions to work out the type of student they are and how to best structure a lesson for them. For example, some students are much shyer and quieter than others and don’t like to express themselves, therefore tutors must make sure they consistently ask them if they are understanding the content of the lesson, as they may not want to let you know themselves. Other students are more outgoing and love to chat, so it is important keep them focussed, particularly if they are prone to distractions.

Provide a Variety

Attending tutoring is not typically a thrilling activity for most students, however there are several ways to keep students motivated and maintain their attention for the duration of a lesson. Using a variety of methods when teaching that go beyond just discussing the content with students is therefore highly important. Examples of ways to achieve this can include showing students a range of relevant videos, drawing diagrams to illustrate certain concepts and proving a range of past questions for students to complete. This will stimulate various parts of a student’s mind and make their learning experience more engaging.

Be Friendly

An obvious but crucial tip on being a good tutor is to be a friendly tutor. It is absolutely essential that tutors are perceived as approachable by their students, in order to ensure they feel completely comfortable to ask questions and letting their tutor know when they don’t quite understand. Some ways to achieve a friendlier persona when tutoring includes smiling, engaging in conversation (for example, asking how a student’s day at school was), and ensuring a friendly body language such as sitting at eye level to the students and leaning slightly forward when listening to them speak to demonstrate attentiveness.

Be Organised

It is important that tutors are organised when it comes to their lessons, particularly if they are tutoring a number of different students. This ensures that both students and tutors feel they have made the best use of the lesson duration time. Tutors can achieve this through creating lesson plans prior to each lesson with a general schedule of what they’d like to achieve, alongside having other materials such as pre-prepared quizzes, worksheets and past papers ready to go. It is also important that tutors review the content they plan to teach prior, especially if they have not gone over it for a while. Keeping track of the content taught can be achieved effectively through the use of the syllabus as a guide.

Provide Encouragement

Finally, a good tutor must always provide endless encouragement to their students. Giving constructive criticism regarding a student’s work can be hard for both tutors and students at times, therefore it is important these comments are met with encouraging words, noting that students will learn from their mistakes and perform better next time. It is essential tutors always point out the good achievements of students as much as they make note of their mistakes. Providing encouragement should go beyond the work completed in lessons, as the HSC is a stressful time, tutors should often check in on how students are coping and provide positive encouragement and motivation to help them all the way to the end.

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