Tips on How to Achieve a 99+ ATAR in VCE

December 2, 2020Klein E

Succeeding in VCE is no easy task, but it definitely an achievable one. Over the past year running Learnmate, I have had the privilege of interviewing some amazing tutors who have scored 99+ ATARs. When I interview these tutors, I often ask the question - "how did you get above 99?". Common themes included:

  • Passion. Every tutor who attained an amazing ATAR was passionate about the subjects they chose. They were not easy subjects, yet because they enjoyed it so much, many felt they didn't actually study in the traditional sense.
  • Work ethic. Tutors who attained amazing results often worked very hard. This didn't mean working 24/7, but rather designating study times and recreational times. They seemed to be masters at time management, and never crammed study at the last moment (as many students do in VCE). They spaced out their study time and weaved in recreational time during study breaks.
  • Discipline. Being DISCIPLINED and having FOCUS have also been common themes that I have observed. In today's society, it is very easy to get distracted with Facebook notifications and emails, but many of these tutors knew that when they studied, they had to have NO distractions. This meant turning off their phones, computers, tablets and any other electronic device.
  • Recreational time. These superstar tutors often dedicated time every week to just exercising or going out with friends. This did not mean a huge night on the town; rather, they would dedicate some downtime for themselves on a weekly basis to recharge their batteries.
  • Being resourceful. Many of these tutors took advantage of the resources at their disposal - this included going through as many practice SACs and exams provided and completing them to the best of their abilities. This also included asking their teachers for as much help as possible in and out of class. This also included getting a tutor to help them feel confident during their assessments while consolidating knowledge learnt in class.

Well, there you have it! I am sure I could add more, but these are the key factors that stood out to me, which allowed these tutors to get amazing results! I sincerely hope this helps someone who has this amazing goal they want to achieve.

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