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Scholarships are amazing.

Universities or the government are literally handing you free money. I repeat FREE MONEY (note: scholarships come in a number of forms such as providing laptops or leadership programs for when you commence your studies, not just money) The best news: scholarships are for everybody.  The common stereotype is that scholarships are only for good grades or academic merit, however, this is not the case!

Through VTAC, three types of scholarships are available:

Access and Equity

-For students who may be experiencing financial difficulties, Indigenous Australians and equity and access groups

-If you are applying for SEAS, you should try applying for an access and equity scholarship

Commonwealth Scholarships

-Scholarships awarded by the government for all kinds of reasons

-If you have any community or leadership experience, this might apply for you

-However Commonwealth scholarships are the most broad, so it is worth applying for them regardless

Merit Scholarships

-Awards academic achievement for students who have completed year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) the year before planning to undertake further study Some scholarships may be limited to Australian citizens so it is good to check beforehand, but either way, there is no harm in applying! It is also important to remember that these are not the only scholarships you can apply for! Some scholarships need to be applied for directly through the University or online.

How do you apply for these mystical rewards?

There are two main ways to apply for scholarships:

The VTAC website

-Many scholarships will automatically go through your VTAC application (through SEAS and ATAR), although you will still want to fill in the ‘Scholarship Application’ option while you are adding your University Preferences

-Also make sure you have any supporting evidence that may be required (e.g. evidence of Centrelink payments or support statements) and answer the questions clearly, including how the scholarship will benefit you personally

University websites

-Universities occasionally have specific scholarships that can only be applied for through the university website

-Make sure to look at the due dates early and the criteria so you don’t miss out on any!  Your school may be another way to apply for scholarships

So what’s stopping you?

Make sure to fill in the ‘Scholarship Application’ part of your VTAC account and check if there are any more scholarships available on the various user-friendly University websites! The deadline for your VTAC scholarship application is Friday the 13th of October (5 pm), so make sure to apply well before then. If you’re still not sure, have a chat with your school’s course counsellor and check if there are any other specific scholarships you may be eligible for!

So go out into the world and may the scholarships be ever in your favour.

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