Correlation Between a High ATAR Score & Your Tutor

December 10, 2020joelleva

As 2020 begins to draw to a close, new graduates will begin to look for part-time jobs to make extra cash. One of these viable casual job options is tutoring, as it's not only lucrative for new graduates but also provides a chance to 'give back', while also being incredibly satisfying. As these graduates receive their results, one might ask, does a high ATAR automatically translate into an amazing tutor? As LearnMate begins to approach 100 active tutors on the site, it's time to reflect on this key idea that many students/parents bring up.

But what exactly does an amazing tutor look like? Oftentimes this can be very subjective depending on the student, but there are certain qualities that I look for in tutors when I interview them.

  • Does the tutor have a friendly and positive personality? Nobody wants a tutor who is a negative nancy.
  • Does the tutor have a desire to go 'above and beyond'? What I mean here is will the tutor go out of their way to answer emails outside of the lesson and provide out-of-lesson support.
  • Does the tutor care about the student? Part of being a great tutor is actually caring about your student and taking time to get to know them as a person. A great tutor should take time out of the first five minutes of a lesson and ask how they're going and whether they're enjoying year 12 etc.
  • Can the tutor communicate? This is massive for me. If you can't communicate your ideas into comprehensible meaning, then forget about becoming a tutor. You may be the smartest guy in the room, but if you can't convey this meaning to the least intelligent person in the room, then tutoring will be useless for both you and the student.
  • Is the tutor knowledgeable? This is a given. If you're not an expert in the subject, then how do you expect your student to learn?
  • Does the tutor have resources? This ties in closely with knowledgeability - if you're an expert you're more than likely to have accumulated a good amount of resources for your students.

About Learnmate

Learnmate is a trusted Australian community platform that connects students who want 1:1 or small group study support, with tutors who are looking to share their knowledge and earn an income. From primary school to high school subjects — from science and maths to niche subjects like visual communication — Learnmate can help you improve academic performance or boost confidence, at your pace with the tutor that you choose.

We pride ourselves in offering a reliable and positive experience for both our students and tutors. Every tutor that joins the platform is vetted to meet a level of academic excellence, teaching qualification or relevant experience. All tutors are provided the opportunity to complete professional training.

Students and parents can easily find and screen for tutors based on their location, their subject results or skill level, and whether they provide in-person or online sessions. Learnmate is proud to provide tutors in Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong, Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra, Perth & Adelaide, and other locations.

Go online and let Learnmate help you get ahead. Start your search today.

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