Preparing for the End of Year VCE Chemistry Exam

My Tips for Success in VCE Chemistry

This article has been written by Henry Ja, a Chemistry tutor at LearnMate. If you’re interested in private tutoring from Henry, then please check out his page here.

The end of year VCE Chemistry Exam is fast approaching and the time to start revision is NOW.

What can you do to help you prepare? Well, there are several things:

  1. Finalise your notes – make sure that you finish writing up your notes as soon as possible, as you don’t want to spend most of your revision time writing up notes. This is a waste of your time!
  2. Attend revision lectures – there will be a lot of revision lectures on offer during the Term 3 holidays. If you feel like you need a refresher on the course, then attend one of these lectures.
  3. Clear up any issues ASAP – if there are certain topics that you are not confident with making sure that you seek help ASAP from your teacher and/or tutor. They will be more than willing to help you out.
  4. Assemble a study group – study groups work well if they are productive. You can quiz each other on questions and can help one another out.
  5. Do practice exams – Make sure that you attempt as much past exam questions as you can. Chemistry is a subject where memorisation will not help you get the high marks. It is all about applying what you have learnt to questions in different contexts. But in saying that don’t just aim to do a lot of practice exams – its quality over quantity. Make sure that you understand why you got a question wrong, and if you don’t know why then go and ask your teacher or tutor for help. The whole point of practice exams is to help identify the areas you are weak in and to ensure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes in the real exam.
  6. Down time – make sure that you give yourself some time to take a break from studying. You cannot study 24/7, and you will be more productive if you give yourself a break. Go outside for a walk or head off to the gym. Exercising can help you relax and you will feel more eager to study once you have given yourself that downtime.
  7. Eat appropriately – Make sure that you eat healthy foods and don’t resort to takeaway/fast food. Giving your body the appropriate nutrients will help you function better and feel better in general. Make sure that you have lots of fruits and vegetables!
  8. Sleep – make sure that you get enough sleep. Don’t study until 2 am in the morning! It’s no use and your brain won’t be very productive at that time of the day.

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Preparing for the End of Year VCE Chemistry Exam

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