End of Unit 3 VCE Chemistry – What should I be doing?

April 1, 2021joelleva

The end of year exam as you would all know covers both Unit 3 and Unit 4, and so it is vital that you do not forget your Unit 3 knowledge whilst you are completing Unit 4.

Therefore, what are my tips for students wanting to keep that Unit 3 knowledge alive in their mind?

Firstly, I would get my hands on a copy of Checkpoints if you haven’t already got a copy. A checkpoint is a great resource to have as it is organised into different topics covered by the Study Design. There are multiple choice questions and short answer questions that are sorted according to topics.

My advice would be that every now and again if you have some time on your hand is do a couple of Checkpoints questions that relate to Unit 3 so that you can use that knowledge of yours. I would personally be recommending doing this until the exams because only then will this ensure that you won’t forget Unit 3 knowledge.

Secondly, given that it is almost the end of Term 2 I would try during the holiday to do a couple of Unit 3 practice exams just to see where you are at in terms of your Unit 3 knowledge. By doing practice exams you will get to see which area in Unit 3 you need to revise on so that you can address those issues now rather than later.

If you need some practice exams, go ask your teachers for some. I am sure that they have plenty of copies of exams on file that they will be willing to give to you for practice. Don’t forget about the VCAA exams on the VCAA website, Unit 3 exams are entitled ‘Exam 1’.

Lastly, in order to see whether you understand what you have been learning from the start of the year until now, I would get a copy of the Chemistry Study Design (available on VCAA website), and go on to the Key Knowledge listed under Unit 3, and have a read on whether you have ticked all those boxes that VCAA wants you to know for the exam. Exam questions come from those Key Knowledge points outlined there, and so if you are able to do what those bullet points are asking of you then you are on your way to nailing the end of year exam.

Make sure that if you do have any problems with certain Chemistry concepts that you get them addressed now either through your teacher at school or your tutor (if you have one). Getting the problem fixed now will not only benefit you because you will have time to learn it, but it will also save you the trouble of having to go to see your teacher during SWOT VAC when there are more students around needing help from the teacher. Plus, you may not remember what your question might be if you leave it until SWOT VAC to ask your question. 

Good Luck ☺

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