A Brief Overview of Unit 4 AOS 1

June 4, 2020joelleva

Hey guys, here is my second article for June and my first article on Australian English (which is my favourite part of the course). This also means that we are moving in to Unit 4, which is all about the ways in which language variation can reflect and impact the identity of a person or group.

You will also start to see why the course is done in the order that it is.

I will not be using a concrete example today (don’t worry as I have plenty ready to go for the rest of these), however, I would like to briefly discuss the kind of identities that we often discuss in this part of the course. When discussing Australian national identity, there are various types of identity that are commonly discussed. Some of these identities include:

  • Australians tend to be optimistic
  • Egalitarian (a society without classes)
  • Casual and laid back
    • Also leads to a propensity to understate things, as opposed to using hyperbole
  • Friendly and honest

The above list is far from exhaustive and there are many other elements of Australian identity that will appear throughout this course.

Additionally, there are also various features of Australian English, which are commonly seen in this part of the course.

  • The Australian accent, which is the most significant marker of Australian national identity. I won’t delve into this anymore here, as I will give it an article of its own soon.
  • Cultural variations such as Aboriginal English and ethnolects, which help to reflect cultural identities and attitudes of the various ethnic groups within Australia and work very well to promote in-group membership.
  • Non-standard features. Slang, diminutives, swearing, etc. are also significant features of Australian English and these particularly tend to reflect a casual, laid back and friendly identity, commonly associated with Australia.

Finally, I would also like to very briefly provide some advice for the school holidays, which will have almost certainly started by the time you see this. I know you will have received similar (or identical) advice before, but I figured I’d include it anyway. Ensure that you take a good break in these holidays to recharge your batteries, because you will certainly need everything you have (and then some) in term 3. However, ensure that you also get some decent work and study done, otherwise you will be left behind. If you do a subject like legal studies, try and get a lot of your note taking done in order to save yourself time during the term. In terms of English language, write some practice pieces and ensure there are no gaps in your unit 3 knowledge, and that your skills for essays, short answers and analytical commentaries are all up to scratch.

Anyway, that’s all from me, enjoy the rest of the World Cup, enjoy your holidays and I hope this article was useful.

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