ATAR Success Tips from a 99+ ATAR Student!

ATAR Success Tips from a 99+ ATAR Student!

Yiming is the founder of VCE Tutoring Page – a Facebook group to look for students to look for VCE tutors, and for tutors to advertise their services.

  1. What was your overall ATAR?

99.75 (VCE- Victoria)

2. What was the best strategy you employed to achieve exam success?

Definitely doing a lot of practice exams and exam style questions, while revising the subject itself.

To achieve exam success, you need to be familiar with the subject content as well as exam-style questions. If you do not understand the subject content, then you will likely have difficulty in answering exam questions. This may seem obvious, but many students just churn through past exam papers without revising the subject material first. If you have concepts which you might not have grasped well throughout the year, try to revise those concepts before you do a copious amount of practice exams. It saves you from making the same mistake over, and over again.

On the other hand, if you just study the subject and don’t do any exams, you may still do well, but exam questions are often different from textbook questions. Doing exam questions will help you get familiar with exam style questions, and make you feel more confident when you walk into the exam.

3. How many hours per night did you study on average during the term?

I did not really keep track throughout Year 12. But my guess would probably be around 2 hours each day. On nights right before exams and sacs, I would have probably studied more- maybe around 3-4 hours on those nights. On other nights when I wasn’t as productive, I probably studied around 1 hour or less. The take home message is that my study routine was adapted to how productive I felt that day, and how many assessments were coming up.

4. What advice would you offer your former self if you could go back to the start of Year 12?

Believe in yourself, and trust that hard work will pay off. Also make the most out of your last opportunities with your high school friends!!!

5. Did you know what you wanted to do when you finished school?

I didn’t know specifically what I wanted to do, but I knew I definitely wanted to have a career that is medicine/ life sciences related. I still don’t know what I want to do. I think its fine, and normal, to not have a definite career goal now. Although if you are in Year 12, but just make sure that you know which university courses you want to enrol in.

6. How did you destress and relax?

YouTube was my guilty pleasure and definitely what I resorted to for relaxation. When I relax, I try not to think about work as much as possible and just enjoy myself. I ran at least once a week. Exercise is a great way to destress as well as becoming healthier.

7. What is VCE tutoring page?

VCE tutoring page is a Facebook group where students are free to make posts to look for tutors. Tutors can also advertise their services to look for students. Our mission is to bring convenience, accessibility and high impact advertisement reach to match you with tutors/students. Check it out here:

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ATAR Success Tips from a 99+ ATAR Student!