AFTER ATAR – What To Do Once School Finishes?

Got not a clue what you want to do when you finish school? Or, do you just need some extra guidance to make sure you make the best decision for yourself? LearnMate provides all school leavers with some amazing resources provided by our phenomenal tutors, so check it all out below!

Your Dreams & Goals.

Knowing how to do well after ATAR is largely dependent on following your dreams and doing what is right for you. In this section we look at industry specific ways to find out what you'd like to do and how to get there.

Various Pathways.

Didn't quite get a high enough ATAR to get into your course? Did you know that uni isn't just the only pathway to post-ATAR success! There are a variety of other options available and so in this section we take a close look at that.

Applying for Uni.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options at uni and not sure when or how to apply? In this section, we look at the deadlines to apply to uni courses as well as how the workings behind preferences and scholarship options.

How Uni Works.

Not sure how all that uni stuff works? No worries, that's quite common. In this section we look at the some of the mysterious terms universities use as well as the flexibility of tertiary studies.

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AFTER ATAR – What To Do Once School Finishes?