How to Use the Final 24 Hours Before Your Exam

October 26, 2020joelleva

Hey guys, here is my second article for the month of October, which focuses on the final 24 (and a bit) hours before your exam. This period of time is particularly important, and I will be splitting this article into two sections, which are the day before your exam (Thursday November 15 in the case of English Language), and the day of your exam (Friday November 16).

The day before your exam:

What you do on this day will largely depend on whether you have an exam the day before or not (Quite a few of you will be in this boat). How you choose to spend this day is largely up to you (although if you have an exam I would advise going to that). Personally, I would advise not spending this day doing too much work and study for the exam you have the next day. Some people spend this day doing a final practice exam or a lot of last-minute study, however I would argue that this is counterproductive as it will quite probably make you more stressed and anxious about the upcoming exam. I would recommend doing not much more than just going through notes and clarifying any final issues with teachers or tutors as well as making sure you have all your equipment ready for the exam. Additionally, try to take your mind off the upcoming exam on this day, especially during the afternoon. To do this, try and do something that you enjoy, such as watching a movie or heading out and getting some exercise. Finally, make sure you have a healthy meal the night before the exam, ideally with plenty of protein and make sure that you get to bed at a reasonable time to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

The day of your exam:

The English Language exam is in the middle of the day (11:45am-2:00pm). Make sure you know what time you will be waking up and ensure that you leave yourself plenty of time to do what you need to do. Do not sit an exam on an empty stomach. It is important to have a good breakfast on the morning of an exam as your brain needs energy to function effectively. By the same token, avoid a breakfast that is full of sugar and go for a breakfast with a lot of protein (such as eggs) instead. Additionally, allow yourself plenty of time to get to your exam as you do not want to be stressed about being late to your exam (try to arrive 20-30 minutes before your exam). When you get there, make sure your water bottle is full and avoid students who are really stressed, as their stress tends to become somewhat contagious. Also, there are always some students who think they know what will be on the exam, they do not, so avoid them too.

Anyway guys, I hope you find this article useful and good luck for your upcoming exams.

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