What To Expect As A First-Year University Student

January 3, 2021Klein E

The leap from high school to university is a big one. It’s also a move which can be daunting, especially because most people entering university are coming straight from 13 years of schooling. So what are some of the changes you should expect?

Look forward to different-style classes

From lectures, to workshops, to tutorials, to laboratories, to lectorials, the style of classes varies drastically from class to class at university. As opposed to the occasional monotony of school, university life provides plenty of variety, which is great if you get bored easily. However, this means that sometimes you can get away with doing very little throughout the semester (see: lecture classes), which can become a massive problem come exam time.

Expect to feel like a smaller fish in a much larger pond

Coming from the top of the school, all of a sudden you’re much less of a big deal at university as a first year. Expect to feel out of your depth, but remember how important it is to ask for help when you need it.

Get ready for long holidays

People aren’t exaggerating when they say it seems like university students are never at uni. With only two twelve-week semesters a year (plus exams), you will truly enjoy what is probably going to be the longest holidays of your life.

The move to university is exciting, yet often also daunting. Try to make the most out of a big life change.

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