What To Do If You Get An Unsatisfactory Result In SAC

March 8, 2021Klein E

Hey all tutors!

Part of the tutoring process is ensuring that your students get amazing results - that's simply the reason as to why students/parents come to us! That's it really. However, sometimes students may not get the results they want - why, you ask? There are a variety of factors, which I've addressed in the video below.


To sum up the reasons, here you go:

  1. Lack of work ethic

Many students don't actually work that hard and except a great result. As we know, a lack of work ethic and great results don't mix well together. If a student is not working hard, there could be some personal issues, but usually, it's linked to either laziness or a disinterest in the subject.

2. Stress and anxiety

Some students crumble under the pressure due to not being able to manage their emotions. You need to help students believe in themselves and feel motivated to do well!

3. Lack of in-depth understanding at the conceptual level

Some students may make glossy notes with beautiful blue font and typography, but if they can't understand that information on a deeper level, then it'll be futile for them in getting a good result. They need to understand key concepts deeper than just reading them. This often links in with independent thinking and research (all of which take time).

4. Time management skills

We could all make the world's greatest essay in 100 years, but the reality is we don't have all the time in the world, so your aim as a tutor is to help your student perform well under timed conditions in an examinational setting.

I hope this helps you all!

Dmitri 🙂

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