Start Preparing for Exams in Advance

September 7, 2020grusha

Tip of the Day: Begin to Prepare for Exams!

Hi everyone!
As we approach the end of year exams (that came quickly!), it's important that you begin to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for exams. It's going to be a bit of a tough period, BUT if you have the proper systems in place to manage your time, you'll do well.
As the Term 3 holidays are coming up, we would recommend that you create a study schedule to factor in all of your exams, based on your first exam for your last exam.
Schedules are a great way to manage the vast amount of practice you need to complete while ensuring your brain doesn't go into overdrive.
You can find a study planner here for free to download to your computer:
Thanks and stay strong! 🙂

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