How to Spot the Signs of a Great Tutor

October 20, 2020joelleva

So, you’ve decided to engage a tutor. But how do you choose one? In a crowded field of potential tutors, how can you know you’re making the right choice?

Let’s go through some of the most important qualities to look for in an excellent tutor.

  1. Expertise

Tutors should, clearly, be experts in the areas that they teach. A great tutor will not rely on the fact that they achieved a great score in the subject themselves, but will go above and beyond to collect resources, learn even more than they knew in high school, and equip their students to achieve greatness.

  1. Patience

Someone could be the best in the world at a particular subject, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily have the personality or temperament to be a good tutor. Tutors need to be patient and understanding, recognising that learning happens at a different pace for every student.

  1. Experience

Tutoring, like anything, is something that people improve at with experience. While some tutors with no experience can also be amazing, if you think it’s important, it’s worth checking if potential tutors have much experience, especially if you think your child has different needs to most.

  1. Interpersonal skills

Tutoring is all about effective communication. Look for a tutor who is great at communicating with both parents and students – these interpersonal skills will be very important when it comes to the teaching and learning process. In the end, students need to build up trust with their tutor in order to have the best learning outcomes.

  1. Adaptability

Great tutors know how to adapt their teaching for each individual student. Look for a tutor who offers to tailor their lessons to the student, and who might have experience working with a wide range of people and needs. If the tutor adapts their teaching to suit the student, this will obviously leave the student with the best educational outcomes.

  1. Passion

Ultimately, a fantastic tutor is passionate about the subject(s) they teach, and it is a passion they are keen to share with the students they tutor. A great tutor will inspire their students to find the interesting aspects of subjects they might previously have found difficult. It is far easier to learn and be successful when you have a genuine interest in a subject, so look for tutors who really care about what it is that they teach!

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