What to Look for in a Private Tutor

What to Look for in a Private Tutor

This article has been written by Chiara Bonett, a VCE English, Methods, Japanese and VCE Revolutions Tutor at Learnmate. If you’re interested in private tutoring from Chiara then please check out her page here.

Finding a tutor can be hard. Finding the right tutor can be even harder.

This is a step-by-step guide to finding the tutor that can do great things for you!

Step 1: Know what you want.

So you’ve decided you want tutoring. Good job.

This is the time where you decide what you want out of tutoring;

  • How often do you want to see your tutor?
  • Do you have specific things you want to work on, or need a general overview?
  • What are your goals?
  • Do you want a young, relatable tutor or one with more experience and expertise?
  • Do you feel more comfortable with a male or female tutor?

Having these answers in mind when looking for a tutor can narrow down your search drastically.

Step 2: Begin the search.

There are certain things to look for when viewing profiles upon profiles of potential tutors, all with different skills and attributes.

Firstly, make sure they tutor the exact subject(s) you’re looking for. This may seem implied but the last thing you want is to find out they tutor English Language instead of English and that they don’t even know who Medea is.

Next, make sure they are in your general area. Again, implied, but will make your life a hundred times easier.

Once you have found someone that works for you logistically, it is time to make sure you can connect with them. Tutoring is a very personal experience so it is essential that you feel comfortable with them, that they are approachable and that you can trust them with your study concerns and fears.

Look at the tutors’ study scores, what they are studying, where they are studying, what they strive to do in the future. If these line up roughly with your goals then you are likely to have a lot in common with this person and they may be a good fit for you!

Step 3: Make contact.

Send either an email or a text to the tutor, giving them information such as:

  1. Full name
  2. Year level
  3. Subjects needed
  4. Location
  5. Available times
  6. Some personal details (e.g. hobbies)

This can help your tutor establish quickly whether or not they can take you on as a student.

If they say yes, then the search is ALMOST over! Yay! Now it’s time to meet.

Step 4: Meet them.

Sometimes a website profile and some email contact isn’t enough to truly get the feel of a person, which is why the first meeting is vital.

In this meeting you will see if they explain things clearly to you in ways that you can understand, they are friendly with you and care about your well being and interests, and if they have good resources and experience as a tutor.

Just because you have met with a tutor does not mean you have to accept them. If you do not feel comfortable with this person then the search continues. Tutors understand that not every student they meet will want them, and will take this in their stride. So don’t worry about hurting their feelings.

If, however, you are happy with this person, and they tick all of your boxes, then go for it!

Happy searching. 🙂

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What to Look for in a Private Tutor