Some Modern Examples for Unit 4 AOS 1! TAKE A LOOK :)

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Some Modern Examples for Unit 4 AOS 1! TAKE A LOOK 🙂

Hi everyone!

It’s important to note that so many great examples will just appear in your newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram! I would recommend ‘liking’ the Herald Sun and The Age Facebook Pages to ensure that you are displayed the relevant articles and posts in your newsfeeds.

Over the past 2 weeks, I have come across three articles and posts that were relevant in one way or another to Unit 4 AOS 1 cultural values of Australia. You can see them attached below. At least two of them would have some relevance to your essays.

In this example above, Cristi made reference to the ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ – an idea that anyone who succeeds or does well for themselves will be ‘cut back down’ so as to not appear as successful. This interlinks well to egalitarianism and from a historical viewpoint links back to colonial times.

As can be seen in the excerpt above, the Herald Sun references ‘Fair Go’ when talking about ‘battler’ families. Why might this be?

As can be seen in the above example, posted just today, Malcolm Turnbull looks at the Australia cultural values in the very first body paragraph! How fascinating!

When searching for modern examples, I always tell students that the best ones just appear when you’re not actively looking for them. Of course, don’t look for them – I have also found some really good ones when actively searching for them too! But just from personal experience, if you’re linguistically aware and know your content and how to identify metalanguage, then this will translate into your ability to source great modern examples 🙂

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Some Modern Examples for Unit 4 AOS 1! TAKE A LOOK :)