Modern Example of Egalitarianism from Malcolm Turnbull

June 15, 2021grusha
Hey guys,
I believe the introduction of this unit coincides perfectly with the upcoming elections for 2016. Australian 'pollies' want to relate to us, so what better way to do it than to appeal to Australian cultural values? That will surely be a way to help our politicians to relate socially to the everyday 'Aussie'.
Malcolm Turnbull recently published a video on his Facebook page, which can be found here:
Note the caption: "What binds us together as Australians is mutual respect - each of us is entitled to the same dignity and the same opportunities."
This quote in itself is reflective of the Australian cultural value of egalitarianism. This is the idea that we, as stated above, 'entitled to the same dignity and the same opportunities'.
I hope this helps with your essays!
Dmitri 🙂

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