How to Find The Best Tutors - What to Look For In A Tutor!

November 20, 2020joelleva

So you’ve decided you need a tutor. Great choice! Tutors can help you catch up when you’re falling behind, or propel you into excellence if you’re aiming high. Ultimately though, every tutor is different and reading profile after profile can be overwhelming. Here are 4 tips to help you find the best tutor for you.

1. Proximity matters

Although you have to make allowances if you live in a less populated area, ideally a tutor should be no more than 30 minutes away. Seeing your tutor should not become a drudge or inconvenience, and definitely should not be costing you a fortune in petrol or myki balance! Ideally, your tutor can be someone you enjoy spending time with and fully utilise as a resource, so you don’t want the distance to dissuade you from tuition until you are overwhelmed with work. For those living in regional areas, many tutors offer Skype tutoring which can be a helpful alternative to travelling long distances.

2. Cost efficiency, not cost

Different tutors charge different amounts, reflecting their experience, education and effort they put in. There is a reason this tip describes ‘cost efficiency’, not just ‘cost’. Sometimes paying more for a tutor means having someone who will answer questions over text for free during the week, or making additional resources for you. In my own experience, I have created exam revision worksheets for students in my own time and not charged a cent. I also encourage students to email me essays or text me maths questions with their working which I will mark and send back promptly free of charge. Discussing pricing with your tutor can help to establish to you how cost efficient a tutor is, and whether this works for you. These kinds of discussions can also help you decide if you need tutoring weekly, fortnightly or just whenever. For students who pay for tutoring themselves on a limited budget, there are certainly cheaper tutors out there for you. Although experience is certainly a factor, try not to reject young tutors just starting out. We all have to start somewhere and sometimes people have a knack for tutoring, even without much experience.

3. Comparing Modus Operandi

It is important to find a tutor whose approach to tutoring meshes with your own. Clarifying your needs can be a helpful way of determining whether a tutor understands how you learn. For example, if you are a visual learner, or like to understand the theory behind concepts, try to find a tutor who notes these things in their profile. Rather than telling a tutor how you would like them to teach you, ask how they teach first and see if you can find similarities. Some tutors are very busy uni students and prefer you to bring questions every week, while others may want to create a unique lesson plan each week where they summarise concepts. Only you know how you learn best, so it is very important to find a tutor who understands you.

4. Don’t be afraid to shop around

In my experience, the students who performed the best are those I developed a strong rapport with. Finding a tutor whom you genuinely get along with and look forward to seeing can motivate you in your studies and help you achieve your goals. If after a few sessions you feel a tutor is not right for you, don’t be afraid to consider other options. Remember, the priority is your own success and comfort and if you find a tutor unprofessional, too harsh or unable to help, there are always other options. The phrase ‘plenty of other fish in the sea’ is particularly true for tutors. There are tons of us. Nationwide. Worldwide. Finding the perfect tutor for you shouldn’t be a long process, but it may not always work the first time. Articulating your needs carefully to a tutor before you start lessons may help to minimise this process and help you find the best tutor for you.

Finding the best tutor for you is not always easy. It essentially boils down to making sure you communicate your specific needs clearly and letting tutors know exactly what you are looking for. Striving for that perfect fit between student and tutor may seem fussy, however, once you find that perfect tutor, you’ve found your greatest ally for VCE.

About Learnmate

Learnmate is a trusted Australian community platform that connects students who want 1:1 or small group study support, with tutors who are looking to share their knowledge and earn an income. From primary school to high school subjects — from science and maths to niche subjects like visual communication — Learnmate can help you improve academic performance or boost confidence, at your pace with the tutor that you choose.

We pride ourselves in offering a reliable and positive experience for both our students and tutors. Every tutor that joins the platform is vetted to meet a level of academic excellence, teaching qualification or relevant experience. All tutors are provided the opportunity to complete professional training.

Students and parents can easily find and screen for tutors based on their location, their subject results or skill level, and whether they provide in-person or online sessions. Learnmate is proud to provide tutors in Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong, Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra, Perth & Adelaide, and other locations.

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