Struggling to keep study stress and anxiety under control! Don’t fret – many students feel this way.

To succeed in your high school assessments and exams, you need to learn to MANAGE your stress levels. Scroll down to view the button to download the guide.

Dear Year 11 / Year 12 Student,

As part of our dedication to student success here at LearnMate Tutoring, we have decided to prepare a simple guide which tells you how to manage your stress effectively in assessments and ultimately the exam.

Stress and anxiety are among some of the biggest issues students face when completing assessments. They may know their content, have practiced immensely at home, but if you can’t complete the assessment in exam conditions, then all of this is useless.

“Stress is inevitable; it’s all about how you manage and control stress.”

Stress is normal in life and in fact stress can be good at times! It’s when it becomes out of control that stress has a negative impact. Take hold of it before it takes a hold of you.

NOTE: This is general advice and not necessarily subject-specific assessment preparation advice. Make sure you talk to your LearnMate tutor to learn how to study effectively for your specific subject.

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Stress Management Tips for 2017 – Download Now!