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Preparing for the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a pivotal step on your path to a career in medicine or dentistry. Learnmate aims to take the pressure off and support you during this journey by connecting you with our network of specialised UCAT tutors. Our Melbourne-based tutors are not only experienced in UCAT preparation but also come with high recommendations, ensuring you find the perfect tutor to meet your unique needs for the UCAT.

Tutors on Learnmate are former top-performing students, expert tutors, or qualified teachers, maintaining the highest standards of tutoring excellence. This provides you with the assurance that you're learning from someone who is not only deeply knowledgeable about the UCAT but also trusted and reliable. Moreover, with the availability of reviews and ratings from other students, you can make an informed choice about your tutor.

In Melbourne, tutors are available for both in-person and online sessions. They offer flexible teaching locations – whether it's online, at a local café, a library, or in the comfort of your own home – ensuring that your UCAT preparation is as convenient and effective as possible. This approach makes quality UCAT tutoring accessible right across Melbourne.

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