Joshua has been an absolutely incredible help for year 12 WACE Physics. He is patient and understanding, and has a natural intuition for teaching and mentoring others. He always makes efforts to have our sessions be engaging and incorporates a hands-on approach to teaching, such as using models to illustrate physics concepts which was very accommodating for my learning style... With Joshua's help my physics grades have taken a massive uptick, and I feel with his help I will be able to tackle the upcoming WACE exams more confidently.

I am a year 12 student myself and have been struggling with specialist maths. Jie has been absolutely amazing when it comes to understanding questions and theories overall. Going through my questions and learning from him has been absolutely beneficial for me.

Caitlyn has been teaching my daughter for 1 year and my daughter is very happy with her lessons. Caitlyn is able to make difficult subjects easier to understand. Thank you!

My tutor is a passionate teacher and my kids get excited with her tutoring. I highly recommend her as primary and high school tutor. She is awesome, my kids enjoy her learning session with her!

My daughter found his explanations really clear. He was prompt, his experience with the work was recent and he provided my daughter with a plan to work on before his next visit. Would highly recommend Imran as a tutor.

Pauline has exceeded our expectations. My daughter looks forward to her sessions each week and I feel Pauline really puts effort into ensuring she gets the most out of her lessons, and that she enjoys the work she is doing. Pauline is both professional and approachable. Extremely reasonable rate for such a thorough lesson plan. Worth every dollar. 

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