Kate is an incredibly efficient and compassionate english tutor. She has guided my development in several key areas including a clear formation of ideas and accurate grammar in an enjoyable manner. Her abundant resources and flexibility with her class structure has made my year 12 IB Literature experience significantly easier to manage. The most valuable part of my lessons with Kate is the individual component of her teaching structure. She evokes me to express my analysis of each text and asks insightful, thought provoking questions before she provides her own insight which is very helpful.

My son just did his first session on IB essay writing with Rhaihana. When he finished, he was quick to tell me how knowledgeable and lovely she is and how he was feeling much more confident about a forthcoming writing task after just one hour. I am looking forward to his skills in essay writing growing as he does more sessions, as well as his enthusiasm for essay writing - which he currently dreads.

Vivien was my IB English Literature tutor for the past two years in Yr 11 and 12. She is absolutely amazing and is always ready to go out of her way to come up with more resources for practice writing tasks, oral commentaries/presentations & works in translations essays. Discussions are student driven and she will then add her input as to how she can make the said task better. She also provides handy tips to make the best use of time regarding exam revisions. Also, she is very accommodative as she pretty much sets up each class tailored to the student. Personally, I was scoring only 4s (out of 7) at the start of year 11 but obtained a high 6 (out of 7) in my year 12 IB final exam. This would not have been possible without Vivien’s excellent tutoring style and support. Importantly, apart from being just a tutor – she’s like a friend as she knows how intense year 12 can get sometimes and is always ready to provide advice and support to boost your confidence! Thank you so much Vivien!

Sai has always been able to explain tough concepts in a way that is easy for me to understand and is able to look at a question I've sent last minute and help me understand it with no problem. He has helped me go from a band 5 in IB Maths and Physics to a band 7 in Maths and a band 6 in Physics.

Louisa is an outstanding tutor in Chemistry. I've had Louisa as my tutor for two months now and I can confidently say that she provides excellent academic support to her students. Although I am an IB student and she completed the QCE, Louisa still achieves to precisely teach me the difficult concepts of Chemistry and continually aspires to learn more about the particular IB standards.

Jeannette very friendly and always goes above and beyond by asking for my input on lesson plans, ensuring that our time together is tailored to my needs, and always gives me helpful resources such as powerpoints and worksheets with past paper questions. Her personalised approach has made my learning experience very enjoyable and effective! I highly recommend Jeannette as an IB tutor!

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