Caity had been instrumental in my achievements and success in Australian History this year. She has been continuously supportive and knowledgeable in the writing techniques for this subject and in doing so, has allowed me to refine my structural and fluency abilities in my writing. Caity is such a lovely person, always offering extra help and feedback whenever needed. I would highly reccomend.

Even though I only started lessons with Ronald late in Year 12, I found that his help and support throughout our tutoring sessions made such a difference to my performance in Maths Methods. Whether it be clear explanations of difficult concepts, introductions to new ways of approaching questions, exam advice or calculator tips, everything I learnt from Ronald provided me with more confidence to succeed in my SACs and the exams. I found that I looked forward to and truly enjoyed each lesson, and became excited about the new concepts he was teaching me. His knowledge, patience and logical, concise explanations proved invaluable in me eventually achieving a 40+ study score in Maths Methods. I'd highly recommend him as a tutor!

Tom was very helpful at explaining difficult concepts that we had learnt in class, which enabled me to comprehend the questions much. During the lessons, the questions he clarified enabled me to understand the subject better. Overall, he helped me a lot in a subject I found very difficult and made it easier to grasp throughout the year.

Michael has been very nice to deal with and highly capable. He’s very approachable, flexible and supportive in his approach and my daughter is really appreciating the complementary insights, she’s receiving to those of her classroom teacher. We can see Michael is already making a good contribution to my daughters progress in her learning.

Stephane tutors our 17-year old son Max in Year 11 Maths Methods. We have been super-impressed with his efforts! He responded promptly to our request for help and even made himself available to help Max work through some tricky concepts he needed to master in a hurry. He has been courteous, patient, professional and flexible. Max tells us that he has seen instant results in terms of his understanding of the subject and ability to stay on top of the work. Thank you Stephane - we are so glad we found you!

A very experienced tutor, who is able to take very complex ideas and topics and be able to present them in a very user-friendly way which anyone who is not highly developed in the English subject, will be able to easily understand. James has studied many different texts and is very experienced, however even for texts not seen before, he takes the time to understand the text given and will be able to offer an immense amount of help. James also is readily available for any time suitable for the student and the lessons are very much worth the price, as no school teacher has been able to assist me as James has. James has really assisted me in my English studies and allowed me to achieve the best possible result in English.

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