Pre is an absolutely fantastic tutor who has assisted my daughter with Units 3&4 in Biology and my son through VCE Units 3&4 in Biology & Chemistry. She is patient, knowledgable and incredibly encouraging. Often I found her taking the time to explain complex issues in a different way to ensure their full understanding. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pre and we will miss her regular tutoring sessions!

Benjamin has done wonders for my son. He tutors my son in Yr 12 Chemistry. My son’s confidence in the subject, and subsequently his grades, have improved significantly since seeing Benjamin. He was thinking of Chemistry being in his bottom 2 subjects prior to the tutoring, but that has now changed.

I really like how you introduce the topics broadly speaking initially, like discussing the real life applications to let us understand how it works in the real world which will help us visualise it as well. I also really like how you go in great detail explaining everything, and also doing many exam questions in every lesson. The questions were very relevant and have varying difficulties which help improve my abilities over time. Your explanations were also really really good. I never understood volumetric analysis in year 11 and initially in year 12 and I went through 2 chemistry tutors and also 3 school teachers over the course of a year and a half but you managed to teach me and let me fully understand and comprehend it in a matter of 20 minutes. I was seriously impressed.

Louisa is an outstanding tutor in Chemistry. I've had Louisa as my tutor for two months now and I can confidently say that she provides excellent academic support to her students. Although I am an IB student and she completed the QCE, Louisa still achieves to precisely teach me the difficult concepts of Chemistry and continually aspires to learn more about the particular IB standards.

I found the SAC preparation incredibly useful. The additional support was given for the poster SAC that was incredibly helpful and resulted in a very high mark (95% I believe). For the exam, the week-by-week schedule set clear weekly directives and achievements for out of class, and the individual reviewal of each major area of study allowed for very effective targeted revision. Alongside a very down to earth and friendly attitude that made chemistry lessons very enjoyable.

I was struggling in chemistry for so long until I found Surbhi! She explains things in great depth a detail, making it really easy to understand. She even realises what details I might be missing and helps me to understand understand the basics so that I can understand the harder stuff. Only wish I had found her sooner!

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