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Looking for 
IB English Language Tutors

Looking for IB English Language Tutors?

Find the perfect IB English Language Tutors with Learnmate.

Learnmate makes it easy to find the perfect IB English Language Tutor to support you. We take the hassle out of your tutor search, giving you access to a wide variety of experienced and professional IB English Language Tutors available right now. Tutors on Learnmate are a combination of standout former students and qualified teachers whose profiles are readily available for you to review.

Choosing a Learnmate tutor means you're choosing excellence in education, ensuring you receive the highest quality support for your IB English Language studies.

Are you on the hunt for an experienced and affordable IB English Language Tutors? Learnmate has hundreds of tutors nationwide and has been helping students find IB English Language Tutors since 2015.

Our IB English Language Tutors are Australia's best and most affordable tutors and cover tutoring for all ages - from primary to high school, to Year 11 & 12, even adults looking for a little support to sharpen their skills.

Ready to find yours?
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Popular subjects

Our tutors

Qualified teachers, professional tutors & students who excelled

Kirsty L

Tailored support for academic success
Experienced tutor with post-graduate quals.
English, Literature, Extended Essay

Siobhan T

Collaborative tutor for all school levels
Bch of Music & postgrad Medicine aspirant
English, English Language, Essential Maths

Aneirin S

Tutoring History, Philosophy & English
University of Melbourne graduate
Philosophy, English Language

Lara L

Qualified linguist with 5 years of experience
Completed a translation & interpreting degree
English Language, French, Spanish

Paul S

Historian, editor, writer and lecturer
PhD in Political History and Literature
English, Literature UMAT/UCAT, History, Politics

Navisha W

Your tutor with 8+ years of experience!
Enthusiastic educator fostering excellence
Accounting, Business Management/ Studies, Economics

Lucy O

Bachelor of Arts stduent at UniMelb
Completed IB program in 2022
Psychology, Spanish, English Language

Rocheal F

Multlingual English, Maths & Science tutor
Biomedical Science student
French, Chemistry, English Language

Daisy D

Experienced in classroom tutoring and support
IB graduate: Psych, English, Theatre
Psychology, English, Theatre
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How it works

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Find your tutor

Browse our tutors and use filters to find expert tutors aligned with your goals and requirements.
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Complete lessons

Effortlessly progress to lessons. Our platform makes starting one-on-one lessons a breeze.
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Receive personalised guidance from expert tutors. Master subjects and unlock your true potential.
How it works for students
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Our tutors

Qualified teachers, professional tutors & students who excelled

Why use Learnmate to find your IB English Language Tutors?

Here's the why.
We have built our platform to make it easy for families like yours to find and engage IB English Language Tutors effortlessly.

Whether you are struggling with IB English Language Tutors and want to catch-up with classmates or peers or want to excel to the top, Learnmate's selection of IB English Language Tutors can help you master it.

With hundreds of tutors to pick from, there is a tutor for every need on Learnmate. Pick from tutors who:
are online or in-person near you
are qualified to teach or are skilled at IB English Language Tutors
have real reviews to give you confidence in who you're engaging
are available and affordable from just $30/hr + GST
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The benefits of using Learnmate.

Tutor matching

With Learnmate, it is easy to find, connect and schedule lessons with the perfect tutor. The process is seamless, including cash-free automated payments.
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Achieve mastery

Face challenging topics and goals head-on to achieve mastery with an expert tutor. They're skilled at breaking down complex concepts and teaching new skills, to help you excel.
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Boost confidence & stress less

Achieve your learning goals and stress less with the guidance of an expert tutor. As you bridge gaps and achieve your goals, watch as your confidence grows and your skills sharpen.
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Achieve more for less

With Learnmate you can achieve more for less. The average hourly rate for lessons on Learnmate is $55/hr in 2024, a big discount to other offerings in the tutoring industry.
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Tutor ratings & reviews

Woman Teaching Man

Recent review for Sofia

We are thrilled at the transformation in our son's performance... maths has become his best subject and his confidence level is high.
5 Star Ratings
At Learnmate, we're taking word of mouth referrals to the next level with tutor reviews and ratings.

Consider what other students who have gone before you have to say about a tutor before making your pick.

As an added layer of verification and comfort, tutors on Learnmate can also earn badges if we verify certain information about them, including Qualified Teacher and Working with Children Check badges.

You can hover over a badge for an explanation as to what it means.
Search our tutors
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Recent reviews on Learnmate.

Jeannette very friendly and always goes above and beyond by asking for my input on lesson plans, ensuring that our time together is tailored to my needs, and always gives me helpful resources such as powerpoints and worksheets with past paper questions. Her personalised approach has made my learning experience very enjoyable and effective! I highly recommend Jeannette as an IB tutor!
Reviews rating
Louisa is an outstanding tutor in Chemistry. I've had Louisa as my tutor for two months now and I can confidently say that she provides excellent academic support to her students. Although I am an IB student and she completed the QCE, Louisa still achieves to precisely teach me the difficult concepts of Chemistry and continually aspires to learn more about the particular IB standards.
Reviews rating
Sai has always been able to explain tough concepts in a way that is easy for me to understand and is able to look at a question I've sent last minute and help me understand it with no problem. He has helped me go from a band 5 in IB Maths and Physics to a band 7 in Maths and a band 6 in Physics.
Reviews rating
Vivien was my IB English Literature tutor for the past two years in Yr 11 and 12. She is absolutely amazing and is always ready to go out of her way to come up with more resources for practice writing tasks, oral commentaries/presentations & works in translations essays. Discussions are student driven and she will then add her input as to how she can make the said task better. She also provides handy tips to make the best use of time regarding exam revisions. Also, she is very accommodative as she pretty much sets up each class tailored to the student. Personally, I was scoring only 4s (out of 7) at the start of year 11 but obtained a high 6 (out of 7) in my year 12 IB final exam. This would not have been possible without Vivien’s excellent tutoring style and support. Importantly, apart from being just a tutor – she’s like a friend as she knows how intense year 12 can get sometimes and is always ready to provide advice and support to boost your confidence! Thank you so much Vivien!
Reviews rating
My son just did his first session on IB essay writing with Rhaihana. When he finished, he was quick to tell me how knowledgeable and lovely she is and how he was feeling much more confident about a forthcoming writing task after just one hour. I am looking forward to his skills in essay writing growing as he does more sessions, as well as his enthusiasm for essay writing - which he currently dreads.
Reviews rating
Kate is an incredibly efficient and compassionate english tutor. She has guided my development in several key areas including a clear formation of ideas and accurate grammar in an enjoyable manner. Her abundant resources and flexibility with her class structure has made my year 12 IB Literature experience significantly easier to manage. The most valuable part of my lessons with Kate is the individual component of her teaching structure. She evokes me to express my analysis of each text and asks insightful, thought provoking questions before she provides her own insight which is very helpful.
Reviews rating
Really happy with our Tutor Cathy, she is very attentive to my daughter's needs and provides me with regular updates regarding my child's progress. She is a lovely caring beautiful lady and I would highly recommend, I'm so glad we found Cathy :) My daughter looks forward to her tutoring lesson each week
5 Star Ratings
We found a great tutor for our daughter's HSC exams. The tutoring was very structured, outcome-focused and encouraging taking my daughter through all the curriculum requirements. The platform is super easy to use, straight forward, no need to buy a certain amount of lessons in advance and ability to reschedule lessons if need be, without penalty. Every lesson comes with a lesson digest for the parents.
5 Star Ratings
I heard about Learnmate from school counsellor, and it's been fantastic. We found the right tutor for our daughter, and it goes really well. Learnmate makes everything easier. Thank you, highly recommend Learnmate to everyone.
5 Star Ratings
Can highly recommend this platform. Our tutor knew the content very well and our daughter now she feels confident for exams. Simon was always happy to help with any queries we had and guided us through the process.
5 Star Ratings
  • Jess
    Really happy with our Tutor Cathy, she is very attentive to my daughter's needs and provides me with regular updates regarding my child's progress. She is a lovely caring beautiful lady and I would highly recommend, I'm so glad we found Cathy :) My daughter looks forward to her tutoring lesson each week
    5 Star Ratings
  • Dorine
    We found a great tutor for our daughter's HSC exams. The tutoring was very structured, outcome-focused and encouraging taking my daughter through all the curriculum requirements. The platform is super easy to use, straight forward, no need to buy a certain amount of lessons in advance and ability to reschedule lessons if need be, without penalty. Every lesson comes with a lesson digest for the parents.
    5 Star Ratings
  • Dessi
    I heard about Learnmate from school counsellor, and it's been fantastic. We found the right tutor for our daughter, and it goes really well. Learnmate makes everything easier. Thank you, highly recommend Learnmate to everyone.
    5 Star Ratings
  • Kerry
    Can highly recommend this platform. Our tutor knew the content very well and our daughter now she feels confident for exams. Simon was always happy to help with any queries we had and guided us through the process.
    5 Star Ratings
  • Pad
    Our son had the first introductory lesson with Gauravi for Chemistry and UCAT preparation. and we found her to be precise and supportive. Our son felt confident about the chapter she took him through and clearly saw the benefit of continuing learning with her. We look forward to her sharing tips and tricks that helped her achieve her great results!
    5 Star Ratings
  • Lisa
    We are thrilled at the transformation in our son's performance and attitude towards maths since starting. In a very short space of time, maths has become his best subject and his confidence level is high. He actually enjoys his tutoring sessions. Dane has quickly transformed him. We are thrilled and I could not recommend Dane more highly.
    5 Star Ratings
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Discover the Difference: Quality Meets Affordability with Learnmate

Excel in IB English Language with Learnmate's Expert Tutors

Elevate your mastery of language and literature with IB English Language tutors through Learnmate. These tutors, accessible for both online and in-person sessions, specialise in the diverse IB English Language curriculum, encompassing analysis of literary texts, understanding of language in cultural context, and development of critical and creative writing skills. They are adept at guiding students through the intricacies of literary critique, text analysis, and effective communication, making the study of English both enlightening and engaging.

Customised Tutoring for Your IB English Language Ambitions
Learnmate appreciates the distinct educational paths of each student, enabling tutors on the platform to employ flexible and adaptive teaching strategies that cater to both online and in-person learning preferences. Whether your focus is on dissecting classic literature, exploring language in various contexts, or honing your writing and oral skills, the tutors on Learnmate are equipped to provide a nurturing and tailored learning environment that meets your specific goals and challenges.

Balancing Excellence with Affordability in IB English Language Education
Learnmate is committed to offering top-tier education in IB English Language at an accessible price. Tutors on Learnmate provide their specialised expertise starting at just $30 per hour, presenting a cost-effective route to premium education. Despite this affordability, it's crucial to recognise that the tutors on Learnmate include some of the most distinguished in the field, comprising seasoned educators and high-achieving IB alumni, highlighting our dedication to educational quality.

Mentors for Holistic Language Development
Tutors on Learnmate transcend traditional educational roles; they are mentors who strive to ignite a passion for English in their students. They focus on deepening students' comprehension and appreciation of the language and literature, aiming for personalised and comprehensive educational success. This mentorship ensures students not only excel academically but also develop a lifelong engagement with language and literature.

Achieve Distinction in IB English Language
Begin your journey to distinction in IB English Language with Learnmate. Connecting with the right tutor can significantly enhance your analytical and expressive capabilities in English. Discover your ideal IB English Language tutor on Learnmate today and set forth on a path to mastering the nuances of language and literature, laying the groundwork for both academic success and enriched personal and professional communication.

Girl with a headphone
Tutors who are masters of the subject
Personalised to your needs
Affordable and effective
Online or local near you
You pick your tutor
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Frequently asked questions

Learnmate is a trusted community marketplace that helps connect individuals all over Australia with quality tutors and coaches who want to share their skill, knowledge and experience. Learnmate’s tutors and coaches are the go-to for individuals and families all across Australia, including:

  • parents and students looking for personalised school tutoring support (from as young as ELC to Year 12)
  • professionals looking for business or life coaching, and
  • individuals or groups who simply want to learn a new language, instrument or skills such as AI or coding

At Learnmate, we recognise that time is our most precious commodity in life. We can expend it once and we can’t buy more of it. But we can save it and ensure we realise the true value of it.  By partnering with a Learnmate, individuals can leverage a tutor's expertise and experience to avoid spending time figuring it out, learning by mistake and the all too familiar stress and anxiety that usually accompanies those struggles. That means achieving more and succeeding faster.

Whether you’re someone looking for school tutoring, professional coaching or to learn a new skill or language, or are an enthusiastic tutor or coach with services to offer, we’d love to see you join Learnmate.


Finding a tutor or coach has never been simpler. Simply start your search by entering the subject you're seeking support for in Learnmate’s search bar. Take advantage of Learnmate's search fields and advanced filters to find the perfect tutor for you. These include:

  • mode or location (in-person or online)
  • hourly rates
  • teaching qualification, and
  • special needs experience

You can then view a tutor's full profile and reach out to them directly by clicking 'Contact tutor' and sign-up to get started.

You'll be taken to your account where you can talk directly to your tutor, see and manage your lesson schedule, purchase prepaid packages to save and more!

Request a tutor

If you have tried searching but are unable to find a tutor or coach for your needs, feel free to hit 'Request a tutor' in the top right of your browser and we'll do our best to match you with a Learnmate in 1-2 business days.

The best tutors.
Learnmate provides a platform to find trusted individuals you want to learn from. Our community consists of high achievers, highly experienced teachers and professionals who have conquered a subject or domain and can help you achieve your learning goals.

Whether you're after a tutor who was a high achiever in school, a qualified teacher, a coaching professional or simply an expert in their domain, there's someone for everyone on Learnmate.

Affordable and fairly priced
Tutors and coaches set their own hourly rates on Learnmate based on their experience, qualifications and overall service. With over 600+ tutors on Learnmate, there is an affordable tutor available for every household budget.

On average, tutors and coaches are up to 50% cheaper than tutors and coaches engaged through agencies and other companies. Why? The simple answer is Learnmate takes less with an industry leading commission structure. Agencies and companies typically take a margin of between 40-65% from tutors while Learnmate's commission ranges between only 23-30%. That simply means less is passed onto you.

Simply and effortlessly succeed and save with a Learnmate.

Our community

Our tutoring community is made up of tutors and coaches from many different walks of life but all have one thing in common: they have a passion for teaching and want to leverage and share their expertise, knowledge, skills, tricks and prior success to help you achieve your potential and succeed faster.

From qualified teachers and professionals who have mastered their field, to recent graduates and aspiring neurosurgeons, doctors, lawyers, engineers, mathematicians, data scientists, web developers and future leaders, every tutor on Learnmate is unique.


One of the best parts about Learnmate is that you have complete freedom to review any tutor's profile, including their experience, achievements, pricing and subjects tutored. This means you pick who you want to learn from or partner with, have complete transparency who is teaching you or your kids and can be confident you're getting value for money. 

Tutors set their own hourly rates on Learnmate and the cost of tutoring varies based on several factors, including the tutor's experience, qualifications, and the level of education they are teaching. Here are some average hourly rates on Learnmate in 2024 to give you a better idea:

  • Overall Average Hourly Rate: $55/hour
  • Average for Year 11-12 Tutoring: $60/hour
  • Average for Primary School Tutoring: $47/hour
  • Average for Qualified Teachers: $78/hour
  • Average for Expert Tutors: $62/hour

A community marketplace

As a marketplace, Learnmate is always open for new tutors and coaches to join the platform and offer their services. Head to our registration page here to view the minimum requirements to list on Learnmate and to apply.

Minimum requirements

People come to Learnmate with specific learning objectives in mind and it is important that tutors are able to help them achieve those objectives. Accordingly, it is important that you have the ability, experience, knowledge and resources (or willing to obtain them) to get the best out of your students. This generally means having materials, plans and resources to provide your clients.

You can view the minimum requirements we typically look for before approving tutors on our registration page.

Not sure if you meet the minimum requirements or worried you don't have enough experience? Tutors and coaches at all stages of their careers use Learnmate. Whether that's a 18 year old looking for their first student after finishing school or a qualified teacher of 20 years. We recommend applying regardless. The most important thing we look for in tutors is passion and commitment to helping others achieve their learning goals.

Tutors and coaches must apply to list on Learnmate and meet certain minimum requirements before approved to list. Learnmate reviews all applications to ensure that tutors and coaches meet a minimum level of relevant experience and/or qualification. That said, you should always review a tutor or coach's profile and ensure they meet your requirements before proceeding to lessons.

Generally, tutors must have:

  • experience teaching

  • a relevant qualification or experience

  • can demonstrate they have mastered a skill or domain, or

  • personally excelled at the subjects they teach.

Additionally, all tutors and coaches are required to maintain a current Working with Children Check to work with students under the age of 18 in Australia. Please ensure you ask to see and verify your tutor's Working with Children Check prior to engaging any tutor for students under the age of 18.

There's something for everyone on Learnmate. 

There are over 110 subjects currently taught by tutors and coaches on Learnmate. The subject range includes tutoring for children aged anywhere between ELC/kinder and Year 12, to anyone looking to learn an instrument, language or skill (such as coding) or a professional looking for business and life coaching.

Specific subjects include (but are not limited to):

  • English, Science and Maths

  • Business, Economics and Arts

  • Languages, such as French, Spanish and German

  • Musical instruments, such as Guitar, Cello, Piano and Violin

  • Admissions tests and interview preparation

  • Business & Life Coaching

  • Coding
  • and much more...!

Tutors and coaches are available both online and in-person all across Australia. Whether you’re in a metropolitan CBD or living in a remote location, there will be someone for you on Learnmate.

Tutors choose where and how they tutor - some will tutor online and in-person and some may only do one or the other. You can use Learnmate's filters located on the left hand side of your search (if you can't see it, press the little green tab) to see if there are tutors near you.

The availability of in-person tutoring will depend on your location and particular need. As tutors have spent the last few years learning and teaching online, we're confident they have mastered teaching online and can be just as effective as if they were in-person. 

Option 1. Contact tutors

Once you have found a tutor or coach that you want to work with, click 'Contact tutor' on their profile to reach out to the tutor directly. Discuss your requirements with the tutor, ask questions about their experience, availability and rates and decide if you want to proceed to lessons. If you do, and your tutor is available at a suitable time, ask them to schedule lessons in; you will receive notifications when lessons are booked and they will start to appear in your calendar on Learnmate.

Option 2. Request a lesson

Alternatively, you can request a lesson directly from a tutor by clicking 'Request lesson' on a tutor's profile and provide your tutoring requirements, desired day and times for a lesson.

If you are looking to request an in-person lesson, make sure your tutor is in your area by using Learnmate's advanced location filter. To increase the likelihood your tutor can fit you in, we suggest that you request for your first lesson to be online.

If your tutor is available, they will schedule in your lesson and you will be notified once it is booked in your calendar on Learnmate.

Learnmate is a cashless platform.

To have lessons with a tutor, users need to join Learnmate and have a valid credit or debit card linked to the account. You will be prompted on sign-up to add connect a credit card to your account. As per our Terms & Conditions, cash payment and direct transfers are not accepted.

Automated payments. 

Payment will be automatically processed from the credit or debit card linked to your account 24 hours after each lesson.

Privacy & Security

Learnmate uses Stripe, one of the most trusted payment providers, to process and securely and privately store payment information. Learnmate does not store or have any visibility over your payment information.

The likes of Airbnb, Amazon, Zoom, Atlassian, Shopify and many other companies you deal with on a day-to-day basis all use Stripe to process payments. 

You're in safe and secure hands with Stripe. 

If you're engaging a tutor for a school student, the answer will depend on the student’s specific needs, current level and goals.

Evidence for Learning (2020) believe that optimum impact is achieved in one-to-one tutoring where short (roughly 30 minute) regular lessons are completed 3-5 times per week (i.e. 1.5-2.5 hours per week) over a set period of time. Our data suggests this is most suitable for younger and primary school tuition, whereas Year 11-12 tuition tends to be longer (1-1.5 hours) lessons and should occur 1-2 times per week.

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Top tutoring queries and locations

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