Is your child struggling at school? Tips for Parents.

February 28, 2022joelleva

As featured in Melbourne’s Mums Group:

From an early age, the educational system teaches children that the ATAR they receive at the end of year 12 is the be-all and end-all. While achieving a high ranking is important and will help you get into your dream course, it also puts a lot of pressure on students to succeed. If you notice your child is struggling in school there are multiple measures you can take to support them physically, mentally, and academically.

Tip 1: Identify why they are struggling

There are a variety of reasons why a child may have difficulty in school. They could be suffering from their workload, enrolled in subjects they dislike or having problems with their classmates, friends, or teachers. Identifying what they're having trouble with is the first step towards resolving the issue at its core. 

Tip 2: Consider tutoring with Learnmate

If you're not sure how you can help your child throughout this time, tutoring might be a good place to start! Our tutors understand exactly what students are going through academically and psychologically, and because of this, they can provide the highest quality support. 

The community of tutors encourages students' independence and academic improvement so that students can approach and complete their assessments with confidence. Although Learnmate is more than a tutoring service, they believe it’s important that the student and tutor have a good social rapport and tutoring is not solely focused on study; this is what fosters a comfortable learning environment in which the student feels safe and supported and can ask the tutor questions without hesitation.

Learnmate has a new exclusive family offer for the ‘Melbourne’s Mums Group’ Parents

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