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December 7, 2022Learnmate

🌴 As the school year comes to an end, students may be looking forward to spending their summer days lounging by the pool, at the beach and enjoying some much-needed relaxation. The last few years have been tough and they certainly deserve it. However, summer is also a great time for students to continue or start tutoring in order to maintain, catch-up or improve their academic or other skills.

One of the main benefits of tutoring during the summer is the opportunity to prevent summer learning loss. Research has shown that students can lose up to two months of academic progress over the summer break and additionally, that the brain is more receptive to learning during the summer months. By continuing to learn and practice their skills through tutoring, students can prevent this loss and learn in a more relaxed, stress-free environment to better retain information.

In addition, tutoring during the summer can help students prepare for the upcoming school year. Tutoring sessions can be tailored to focus on the specific subjects and skills that students will need to succeed in the next year level, including to catch-up on areas where they may have formed gaps or fallen behind. This can give students a head start and help them feel more confident and prepared as they begin the new school year.

Tutoring can also be a great way for students to stay engaged and motivated over the summer. With no regular classes or assignments, it can be easy for students to become bored and lose interest in their studies. Tutoring provides structure and a sense of purpose, helping students stay focused, motivated and stimulated to continue learning. It's also much easier for students to focus on an hour or two tutoring each week during the summer holidays than it is when tutoring forms a commitment outside of normal school hours during the year.

Furthermore, summer holidays are the perfect time to learn or master something new, like a new language, instrument or skill. By working with a Learnmate tutor, students can

  1. dedicate more time to learning without extracurricular activities or school. Whether it's an hour in the morning or a few hours in the afternoon;
  2. learn with less stress and pressure. This time is generally more relaxed and offers the perfect opportunity to learn at your pace without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.
  3. immerse themselves in it. The summer holidays presents the best opportunity to immerse yourself in a new skill, like a language and its culture. Explore and visit places where the language is spoken or the culture is vibrant.

Not only will this help students become more rounded as a person, but having extra skills may well lead to increased confidence and motivation.

Overall, tutoring during the summer can be a valuable investment for students. It can help prevent summer learning loss, prepare for the upcoming school year, provide engagement and motivation, and the opportunity to master new skills in an optimal learning environment. So, instead of spending the summer break lounging by the pool, consider investing in tutoring to enhance your academic skills, prepare yourself for a successful school year or challenge yourself to learn a new skill. Why not take advantage of this time and start learning something on Learnmate today?

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