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June 17, 2021grusha

The decision to employ a tutor is not simple. There are a range of reasons to get a tutor, but ultimately it comes down to your personal situation and needs. The best thing you can do is be up-front with a prospective tutor, so that they can tailor their teaching to meet your specific needs. But what are some reasons that you might consider getting tutoring, and what are the different types of tutoring that you might consider?

  1. You’re struggling and feel behind the rest of your cohort. This is perhaps one of the most common reasons students seek out tutoring: simply because they feel behind in a subject and want to catch up to the rest of the students. This is a case where you should consider regular tutoring – when you’re a bit behind in a subject, there is no quick fix. However, if you can regularly work with a tutor alongside putting in the work at home, tutoring is a great investment. A great tutor will not only help you learn the concepts of the subjects you’re struggling with, but they will also help you learn to learn, thus equipping you for life beyond schooling and tutoring sessions.
  2. You want to get some extra help before an exam or assessment task. It’s important to remember that getting a tutor doesn’t mean you have to commit to regular meetings. If you don’t want to spend too much on tutoring or if you don’t feel you need regular tutoring, you should look for tutors who are happy to do occasional tutoring. Most tutors will be fine with this – it’s just important that you are up-front about what you’re looking for so that everyone is on the same page.
  3. You’ve lost motivation and are feeling stuck. A good tutor is more than a simple provider of advice. A good tutor will help to motivate you and inspire enthusiasm for their subject of expertise. It’s important to have someone to cheer you on, someone with your best interests at heart who is invested in helping you constantly grow – tutors love to see their students develop and improve! A tutor is a great source of support and encouragement.
  4. You want to improve, but don’t know how. In your final year at school especially, it’s the smallest details which can be the difference between good marks and great marks. Tutors are equipped with valuable experience, resulting in tips and advice for very specific situations, like exams and assessment tasks. If you don’t know how you can get better and your teachers don’t have enough time to help you, consider asking a tutor.
  5. You’re interested in learning from top-scoring students. Tutors are usually recent students with exceptional results. Generally younger than your teachers and parents, their teaching styles can often be better tailored to students, because they are uniquely able to relate to the specific situations that students are in. Former students have subject expertise as well as the recent memory of being in the same situation as you: a tutor can be a role-model, whose footsteps you can follow in.
  6. You’re aiming for those top marks. If you’re looking to get scholarships and gain accolades, a tutor can prove crucial to gaining that competitive edge, as most very high scorers work with tutors. Tutors should have a wealth of resources which will come in handy. A tutor will draw out the best in you and help you to hone your abilities so that you can be at your best.

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