Meet our heroes: Simon Y

Today, we're excited to introduce Simon Y, a talented economics tutor who recently joined Learnmate. Simon joined Learnmate in May 2024 and plans to tutor students in Economics, Business Management, Chinese and Theory of Knowledge while completing his degree in Economics and Culture Studies at the University of Melbourne.

1. Tell us about yourself, Simon!

Hi! My name is Simon Y, and I am a DP graduate currently studying Economics and Culture Studies at the University of Melbourne. I have been tutoring DP and VCE Economics and Business Management courses for two years, and I have also worked for an international school that offers DP courses. I strive for a work-life balance and am a huge fan of movies and soccer. I consider myself funny and energetic, making learning fun and engaging for my students.

This is the same when it comes to my teaching style. I love to keep all my students engaged and make learning the class or tutorial fun. All of my students keep a good relationship with me!

2. What inspired you to become a tutor?

One of my high school classmates inspired me. When we were having peer tutoring sessions, he said he thought I would make a great teacher because I could teach with joy. That encouragement led me to become a tutor as I thought; why not try to be a tutor and help more students?

3. How do you tailor lessons to meet individual student's needs and keep lessons engaging?

In the first session, I prefer to chat with students to learn about their hobbies and personalities rather than teach much. I then personalise the lessons based on this information to ensure it's engaging and relatable. For instance, if a student likes cooking, I use cooking-related examples to explain and keep them engaged and focused. I also adjust the pace of my teaching according to each student's knowledge level.

4. Can you share a memorable success story from your tutoring experience?

One example would be from when I worked at an international school and tutored a student who scored 40/100 in his first economics exam. I knew he was passionate about excelling and being the best, so I when I took over his class I started to guide him step by step, helping him understand the concepts and practice extensively. When I was confident he had the knowledge in mind, I encouraged him to then use that knowledge in practice by practising a lot after class.

He eventually scored 92/100 in the final exam!

5. What is one piece of advice you would give students struggling with their studies?

Don't just study all the time; remember to take breaks and enjoy the beauty of the world. Study-life balance is really important if you want to shine!

6. What can families expect from you if they engage you as their tutor?

Families can expect personalised tutoring based on each student's scenario, improved grades, and an enjoyable and relatable learning experience.

7. Any other words of wisdom or thoughts you can share?

Be a risk-taker not only in your studies but also in life. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; everyone does. The important thing is how you learn from them!

If you want to talk to Simon or are looking for a tutor like him...

You can visit Simon's profile on Learnmate by heading here (subject to his ongoing availability).

Alternatively, you can search for more tutors like Simon directly on Learnmate.

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