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April 26, 2023Learnmate

We're excited to introduce you to Rochelle H, one of Learnmate's newest heroes. Rochelle only recently started tutoring on Learnmate but is a favourite for new students and is frequently sought-after!

1. Tell us about yourself and some of your goals on Learnmate.

Hey there! I am Rochelle, and I’m a first year uni student studying medicine in the Gold Coast. My goal is to end up helping people in a field I’m passionate about, and that is in the field of science. I love living in the moment, and seeing the people around me happy.

I achieved an ATAR of 98.6 in 2021 and currently tutor VCE Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English Language as well as Year 7-10 Maths and Science.

2. What inspired you to become a tutor?

I love helping people (I know it’s a cliche), but not every job at this age allows me to work in areas I’m passionate about. Turns out tutoring couldn’t be a better fit! I get to tutor the subjects I really enjoy, while studying them further in my degree. The hours are also very convenient and flexible, making it easy to juggle the commitments of uni and tutoring.

3. What do you find most rewarding about tutoring?

The most rewarding part of tutoring is seeing students significantly improve in their performance, but also the confidence and happiness they then have at the end of each lesson, reflecting on the success of the lesson!

4. Do you have a story you can share with us that gives us an insight about you?

I started out tutoring studying another degree, while I was in the process of trying to get into medicine. A crucial component of the application process is the interview, which requires you to demonstrate confidence and interpersonal skills.

What I found was that tutoring, particularly with a diverse range of students, allowed me to really develop both of these, so when my interview came about, I was able to successfully complete it. So while tutoring benefits the students greatly, it also brings many valuable opportunities to you, as the tutor, to challenge and further yourself.

5. What can families and students expect from you as their tutor?

As your tutor I deliver no less than a very welcoming and safe environment for your family and student, with a tailored learning program at your suited pace. You will get high quality content, with notes, diagrams and practice questions, alongside close guidance and tips when it comes to tackling your education.

If you are looking for a tutor like Rochelle...

You can visit Rochelle's profile on Learnmate by heading to this link (subject to Rochelle's ongoing availability).

Alternatively, you can search for more tutors like Rochelle by commencing your search on Learnmate.

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