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November 1, 2023Learnmate

Today, we're very excited to introduce to you and highlight a very popular face on Learnmate, Bindiya! Although Bindiya only joined Learnmate in May, she has already amassed a handful of students and rave reviews!

1. Tell us about yourself, Bindiya!

I have completed a Masters of Mathematics from University of Calicut, India and have experience working in international schools as a full-time high school Mathematics teacher in China, Malaysia and India. Accordingly, I have taught students from many nationalities and across many curriculums, including the Australian curriculum, UK curriculum, US curriculum and IBDP curriculum. I have tutored many students all over the world face to face and online.
I moved to Melbourne with my family this year. I love teaching Mathematics, cooking, dancing and travelling and speak 7 languages.

2. What inspired you to become a tutor?

I had a wonderful maths tutor in high school and he made maths look so simple and interesting at the same time. I looked forward to my maths classes and my grades across the board in all subjects started improving. That's when I realised that I could try and was passionate about helping other students to do the same. In high school I used to help my friends and siblings in preparing for their maths exams and seeing the progress they were able to make, I knew there was no looking back. 

3. What do you find most rewarding about tutoring?

Instant gratification! When my students understand a topic well and are ready to challenge themselves by completing difficult questions, I feel accomplished. 
Equally, when a struggling student doesn't give up and tries their best to do as many questions as he/she can, even if they have doubts or struggle, I feel more and more motivated to work hard.

4. Do you have a story you can share with us that gives us an insight about you?

I don't have a particular story to share, but I have had various students who would perform around the 50% mark in their maths tests who I have been able to support and now achieve between 80% to 100%. They have gradually removed their fear of maths and enthusiastically work towards completing all questions during their classes with me.

You can also check out the reviews on my profile (linked below) for more reviews and stories about my tutoring.

5. What can families and students expect from you as their tutor?

When I start working with a student, my main objective is to ensure their maths foundation is strong. Only if they understand the basics thoroughly, can they do well in the subject. I give students questions from many textbooks I have accumulated over the years so their learning is not limited to the resources used in their school. I use Desmos to show them visuals (a visualisation software) and use Microsoft board to work through questions together. To reinforce understand, I ensure they complete lots of practice until they feel confident.

If you want to talk to Bindiya or are looking for a tutor like her...

You can visit Bindiya's profile on Learnmate by heading here (subject to Bindiya's ongoing availability).

Alternatively, you can search for more tutors like Bindiya directly on Learnmate.

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