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November 18, 2022Learnmate

👩‍💻 We just launched Learnmate. 2.0 🌏

The entire team at Learnmate are delighted to announce the official launch of Learnmate’s new platform!

With this launch, Learnmate transforms into a leading tech-enabled marketplace specifically designed to empower students to find the support they need and to maximise the ease for tutors to unlock the value of their skills and experience with rewarding opportunities.

How do we do that? 

With this launch, we've both changed a lot but also changed very little. Learnmate is still the same tutoring marketplace that Australians love, but we've taken a giant leap forward in becoming a genuine tech-enabled platform with:

  • a new and optimised way to search, find and contact tutors;
  • on-platform messaging and scheduling to make it easy to manage lessons;
  • tutor brand building and rewards for tutors, with new tiered accounts, reviews and star ratings;
  • rewarding bonuses for students who commit and prepay for lessons;
  • new subjects and skills to learn or teach (see👇);
  • and much more…

We’ve also gone a step further to help tutors unlock and leverage the skills, knowledge and experience they may have beyond the Primary to Year 12 level. We’ve expanded what it means to be - or who can be - a student on Learnmate.

The opportunity to learn is now for everyone. Whether that’s a student looking for a tutor to help catch up or excel at school, a retiree or professional looking to learn a language or master the guitar, or a budding entrepreneur looking to become a coding whizz, master public speaking or engage a business coach – it's now possible on Learnmate.

Affordable, quality tutoring 🥳

At a time when purse strings are tightening and household budgets are being squeezed, no one should have to make the decision to cut the household education budget. Instead, companies should be looking at their margins and making tutoring more affordable.

Even before our new platform launched, tutors on Learnmate were already often up to 50% cheaper than industry peers because agencies and other tutoring companies maintain massive margins. Even though students work directly with a tutor and it's the tutor delivering lessons, they invariably pay the agency or a company more than what the tutor receives for the lesson.

So in stepped Learnmate. Through a marketplace approach, we're cutting out the middle man - the agency - and helping you go direct to the tutor. And through this approach, a more qualified and experienced tutor, whether online or in-person, can be more affordable than a less qualified tutor through an agency or other company. We just needed to make them easier to find.

So we did. With our new platform, we’ve made it simpler than ever to find and engage a tutor that is suitable for your household budget and who meets your preferences (ie. online or in-person, experience etc.) with our advanced filtering tools and prepaid lesson packages.

With full transparency of tutor profiles, including our new Bronze, Silver, Gold and Pro tutor tiers that reward tutors for experience, it is simpler than ever for students to find an amazing tutor or coach who suits their needs and budget.

In sum

Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow through accessible and affordable education. With our new platform, we’re making tutoring more accessible, more affordable and more transparent.

We're also delivering on our commitment to help tutors share and unlock the value of their experience and skill with this new platform, which has been designed to help them do just that. Our tutors continually amaze us with their experience, skills, accomplishments and general life experience. And we want to help them share that for the benefit of others, all the while earning rewards for doing so!

We can’t wait for you to see and use the all new Learnmate.

Maybe you’ll finally take up that New Year’s resolution of learning a new language…?

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