Learnmate's commission

Here's the lowdown on our commission

It is completely free to have an account on Learnmate and list your tutoring services. Learnmate works on a commission basis, so you only pay Learnmate if you get paid by students for lessons.

We charge a market leading commission of between 23-30% depending on whether you have a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Pro tier on Learnmate. Tiers are the incentive and reward program on Learnmate.

For comparison, other platforms and tutoring organisations take between 34-70% (!) of your hard earned cash, which simply doesn't sit right with us.


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What are Learnmate's tutor tiers?


Our starting tier. New tutors who are just starting on Learnmate pay a 30% commission until they get some runs and experience on the board.


Brand building. As tutors start to build their brand on Learnmate by completing hours and receiving reviews, the commission drops to 27.5%.


Established. Our gold tier is awarded to tutors who are established on Learnmate and have completed hundreds of hours. It carries a 25% commission.


Elite. This tier is for tutors who have earned their status by tutoring a lot, have excellent reviews and carries a 23% commission. These tutors are the best of the best.

  • "Excellent opportunities for students to reach out to you." Learnmate functions in a way that provides excellent opportunities for students to reach out to you (instead of being allocated students) this usually results in a better pairing. BEN, TUTOR

  • "Learnmate takes on all of the administration and financial aspects" Learnmate takes on all of the administration and financial aspects. This means that you can tutor without worrying about having to ask for money from your students. DANIELLE, TUTOR
  • "The online training course at the start of my journey was super helpful." The online training course at the start of my journey was super helpful and taught me a lot about tutoring that I didn't know - like lesson planning. CHLOE, TUTOR
  • "Constant support, resources and advice." Learnmate is a great company fo work for, with consfant support, resources and advice. Learnmate allows me fo advertise my tuforing services, schedule lessons with students and fakes care of all the billing for me. MADDIE, TUTOR
  • "You have all the flexibility" You have all the flexibility. You decide when you have the lessons with your students and decide the rate you want to charge. HALA, TUTOR

Where does the commission go?


We continually invest in Learnmate's platform to ensure we're providing a leading and world class experience for all of our users. Building a platform of Learnmate's ilk costs... a lot.


Employing staff to maintain Learnmate’s platform and provide quality support to our community is one of our biggest expenses. This forms part of our commitment to providing an elite experience for our community.


Marketing is one of Learnmate's main expenses and is critical to grow awareness of Learnmate, generate interest for tutors and to find amazing tutors to join our community. A strong brand and word of mouth only get you so far. 

What our tutors say about us.

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"Find students, arrange lessons and receive payment easily and efficiently."
Linda, Tutor
"Tutoring is one of the most rewarding jobs I've ever had."
Claire, Tutor
"A great platform to apply my tutoring skills and learn valuable life skills."
Daniel, Tutor
"An inclusive environment for all tutors."
Liam, Tutor
"Arrange lessons arround your schedule and positively impact the lives of students."
Nicola, Tutor
"Guaranteed payment - I receive pay weekly for lessons completed.."
Aric, Tutor
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