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February 8, 2024Learnmate

As a community of parents ourselves, we know that you want the best for your child. This includes their education and ensuring that they have the necessary support and tools they need to excel in school this year and prepare for life beyond it. One way to provide this support that is becoming incredibly popular in recent years is personalised tutoring. However, the cost of private tutoring in Australia remains a significant consideration for many families and out of reach for others. This guide aims to take you through the current tutoring landscape in Australia, including rates and options available across the country, ensuring you make an informed decision for your child's education.

Private Tutoring Costs Across Major Australian Cities

Private tutoring in Australia can vary widely, starting at $30/hr to upwards of $90 per hour, influenced by factors such as subject complexity, tutor qualifications, and geographical location. For instance, Private tutoring costs in Sydney and Melbourne, given their high demand for specialised subjects, may lean towards the upper end of this spectrum, while more affordable options might be found in cities like Brisbane and Perth. This can add up quickly, especially if your child needs regular sessions or if you have multiple children who require tutoring.

Additionally, tutor rates can vary based on whether they provide in-person lessons (and need to account for travel) or online lessons, which is usually a more convenient, flexible and affordable tutoring option.

Exploring Tutoring Alternatives

So what are your options? In this blog we will look at the most common tutoring alternatives available, namely:

1. Group tutoring

Group tutoring is where small groups of students work under the tutelage of a single tutor. They typically involve groups of up to 5 students but can be larger if they follow a more lecture style format.

When faced with the cost of private tutoring, an instinctive thought may be that group tutoring would present a more cost-effective option, right? well, although group tutoring may logically seem like an affordable option, tutoring centres generally start at around $50/hr and go up from there. If the hourly rate is low, expect more students in the group. As more students are added to each group, it is probably worth questioning how much individualised support your child receives.

If you are set on signing up for group tutoring, ensure group sizes are limited to 3-4 students and that your child is receiving personalised support during lessons. Private tuition is usually being sought as the classroom environment has, in some way, resulted in suboptimal outcomes for your child.

2. Tutoring agencies and companies

With an increase in general interest for tutoring, Australia has seen an explosion of tutoring companies and agencies over the last few years. This has resulted in a highly fragmented market in Australia and plenty of options to choose from.

Generally, Australia's most well known tutoring agencies and companies have offerings starting at roughly $65/hr, with other services starting at $80/hr and provide executive or premium offerings above $150/hr. When selecting a tutoring agency to engage your tutor through, we recommend considering the following:

  • Do you have a say in which tutor is assigned to your child?
  • Are you told the experience and qualifications of your tutor?
  • Is the tutoring personalised to your child or part of a program?

There are many reputable and high quality tutoring organisations in Australia to choose from. Accordingly, make sure you're confident that the tutor you want to work with can help you achieve the results that have motivated you to engage a tutor.

3. And then there's Learnmate

Positioned as a more accessible, personalised option, Learnmate has evolved to meet the needs of Australia students and presents the more affordable option for tutoring in Australia.

Learnmate has created an extensive network of qualified tutors across Australia and provides a platform for those private tutors to offer their services at a fraction of the cost. With rates starting at just $30 per hour, there are over 600+ tutors to choose from and who can assist with over 110+ different subjects.

Not only are tutors on Learnmate affordable, but tutors offer very flexible tutoring options. Tutors are available for in-person lessons at a location near you or online through our virtual platform. This means that your child can receive the support they need without the added stress of commuting or scheduling conflicts.

Our platform offers unparalleled flexibility, facilitating both in-person and online tutoring tailored to each student's unique learning style and requirements at the most affordable rates in Australia.

The Learnmate Advantage in 2024

With the advent of advanced technological solutions and a broader understanding of educational needs, Learnmate has solidified its reputation as a leading tutoring platform in Australia. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and convenience ensures that every student can access the support they need to thrive academically.

Learnmate has been operating since 2015 and has helped thousands of students find their perfect tutor over that time.

In conclusion, the cost of school tutoring in Australia can be prohibitive for many families. But with Learnmate, you can access affordable and convenient tutoring services from qualified tutors. Choose Learnmate for the best tutoring experience for your child.

Discover the Learnmate Difference: Your Partner in Affordable, Quality Tutoring. Engage with our community of expert tutors and explore a personalised learning experience that transcends traditional educational boundaries. Empower your child to achieve academic excellence with Learnmate—where quality tutoring meets affordability. Find and hire your perfect tutor on Learnmate today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do qualifications and experience of tutors affect the tutoring quality and cost?

The qualifications and experience of tutors can significantly influence both the quality of tutoring and its cost. Generally, tutors with higher qualifications and more experience may charge higher rates due to their expertise and proven track record in delivering effective tutoring sessions. These tutors are often capable of providing more specialised knowledge and advanced teaching techniques, which can lead to better learning outcomes.

However, you can also find tutors on Learnmate who buck this trend and are highly qualified, experienced or who achieved excellent academic results but offers lessons at low rates. This may include retired teachers simply looking to continue to make an impact, student teachers looking to gain experience as they complete their studies, and high achieving recent students looking for their first students after graduating.

2. Are there any long-term packages or discounts for extended tutoring commitments?

Many tutoring services and individual tutors offer long-term packages or discounts to families who commit to an extended period of tutoring. These packages can provide considerable savings over time compared to paying for each session individually. It's advisable to inquire directly with the tutoring service or tutor about any available packages or discounts.

Learnmate has various packages available that reward students with free credits for committing up front to tutor for the medium-long term.

3. What factors should be considered when choosing between in-person and online tutoring?

When deciding between in-person and online tutoring, several factors should be considered beyond cost and convenience. These include the student's learning style, the subject matter, and the availability of quality tutors in the local area. Some students may benefit more from the face-to-face interaction of in-person tutoring, especially for subjects that require hands-on activities or for learners who need a more personal connection to stay engaged. Conversely, online tutoring offers greater flexibility and access to a wider pool of tutors, making it an excellent option for subjects well-suited to virtual learning or for students in remote areas.

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