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October 24, 2023Learnmate

Are you a busy parent juggling work, family life, and the diverse educational needs of your household? You're not alone. Meet Emily J, a proactive, tech-savvy parent just like you. She’s a marketing manager in Melbourne with two kids and a whole lot on her plate. From wanting her children to thrive academically, to personal growth by learning AI prompting, and even picking up basic lessons to learn a new language for travel, Emily represents the modern parent with high aspirations for her family.


Here's a bit about Emily and how Learnmate has become an integral partner for her family.

Age: 38

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Family: Married with two children (aged 7 and 12)


  • Wants her children to excel in school subjects where they’re currently struggling or falling behind.
  • Interested in learning AI prompting to enhance her professional skills and become more efficient at work
  • Hopes her family can all learn the basics of a new language for their next overseas trip
  • Requires flexibility for lesson times and to engage tutors with proven track records and credible reviews

Expert Tutors Across Various Subjects

Finding tutors with specific expertise, whether it’s school subjects, AI, coding, languages, or musical instruments, is a significant pain point for many. Learnmate answers this by providing a diverse pool of qualified tutors with transparent reviews and success stories. Our platform's intuitive search tool and friendly flow ensures you can easily find the expert tutor you need.

Flexible Scheduling for Busy Families

Your family’s schedule is packed. We get it. That's why Learnmate’s tutors offer lessons that accommodate your availability. Find a tutor that suits your availability, rather than needing to make yourself available for fixed class times.

Credibility and track record: Non-Negotiables

Emily’s story highlights a common need: credible tutors with proven track records. At Learnmate, all tutors have a public profile and are vetted before going live. Additionally, students can leave ratings and reviews for tutors so families (like Emily’s) can make informed decisions on who to engage.

Personalised Learning Plans

Every learner is unique, and their tutoring should be too. Learnmate stands out in this by facilitating personalised lessons between tutors and students that match individual learning styles and objectives, making sessions more engaging and effective. This means families like Emily’s can find tutors for all ages and goals on Learnmate.

Quality Education That Won’t Break the Bank

Cost is a factor, but it shouldn't be a barrier. Our marketplace model is designed to ensure pricing is competitive and affordable so families like Emily’s can invest in quality education without financial strain. This approach has solidified our reputation affordable, quality tutoring in Australia.

Navigating the demands of modern life, like Emily, and striving for educational enrichment for your family doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. With Learnmate, you’re choosing a partner committed to simplifying this journey, making us a consistent top choice for families across Australia.

Join the Learnmate community today, and unlock an educational experience that truly understands your needs. For more information, reach out to us or explore our tutor profiles to find the perfect match for your learning goals!

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