How Do Uni Open Days Work? – LearnMate Tutoring

How Do Uni Open Days Work? – LearnMate Tutoring

This article was written by Naomi Lam, a current VCE English Tutor. Naomi is currently accepting students, so if you’re interested in her services, you can see her profile here

University open days are available to all members of the public, and as students looking to get into a university after school, you should take advantage of these days during the year to get all the information you need. On these days a plethora of information is provided about courses, student life, and student services that you may not find on the university website. Open days can also be extremely fun with seemingly never-ending freebies and fun activities.

Most universities release some sort of schedule outlining the events for the day prior to the event and so in order to get the most of open days, I would strongly recommend planning where you want to go during the day. There will be lectures on the day covering a broad range of areas from specific courses to overseas exchange opportunities. These sessions will help you gain a general understanding of these areas and following up afterwards or during the sessions with questions will allow you to find the answers to any specific questions you have. They can be extremely helpful and informative and the staff there will be happy to help you so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

In addition to lecture-style sessions, there will also be staff and students from the university littered around the campus ready to help you find your way around and answer any questions. For more informative and logistics related questions, I would recommend asking staff as they will be able to provide an accurate answer. They can answer questions like “what are the requirements for this course?” and “what are the majors available for this course?”. However, for questions relating to student experiences and general course experiences it is definitely better to ask the students themselves. Students can provide an insightful view into the mysterious world of university life and can often provide a perspective that is not captured by course logistics.

Around the campus, there will also be course specific areas such as Science, Commerce, and Arts. In these places, you can talk to high profile members of that area who can answer more specific questions about subjects within the course, and of course, the course itself. They also often have showcases of student work or displays covering some interesting content. Looking at these can be interesting and impressive as the level of skill displayed is usually outstanding. They can also help when you are trying to make a decision about the course you want to apply for as certain displays may capture your interest.

University open days can be fun, informative, and eye-opening. So I would strongly recommend you take some time out of your busy lives to go with some friends or family members and have some fun. Take the opportunity to gain some important information and grab some freebies, it will be an experience that benefits you both in the short and long term!

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How Do Uni Open Days Work? – LearnMate Tutoring

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