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Welcome to Learnmate! Learnmate is a community of 400+ aspiring neurosurgeons, doctors, lawyers, engineers, mathematicians, data scientists, web developers, pilots, politicians, future leaders and qualified teachers who offer 1:1 and group tutoring for the next generation of school students.

Our tutors offer both in-person and online tutoring for students ranging from primary to Year 12.

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8,000+ Students Tutored

Through Learnmate since 2015

150,000+ Hours Tutored

Through Learnmate since 2015

70% Engage Tutors

Our research shows 7/10 students who achieve ATARs of 99+ engage one or more tutors

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Top tutors incl. teachers and students who had perfect study scores & 99 ATARs

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Finding a tutor on Learnmate couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is:

  • Search for available tutors by inputting your requirements in the search bar at the top of the page. This includes your school level, curriculum (i.e. HSC) and subjects you’re looking for a tutor for. You can then filter the results to create a suitable shortlist (i.e. whether you need tutoring online or in-person, whether you’re after a tutor or teacher and the hourly rate you’re looking to pay)
  • Create an account on Learnmate to get in contact with your shortlisted tutor(s)
  • Book in-person or online lessons with your tutor all through the Learnmate platform!

Here’s how Learnmate will help you achieve success

Identify focus areas

  • Our tutors work with you to identify where you need to focus, whether they be areas that need improvement or strengths you can perfect.

Receive dedicated support

  • Tutors who provide you with dedicated support during HSC. Tutors keep you accountable, help raise your standards by explaining concepts and challenging your understanding.

Academic resources and tips

  • Tutors use their own experience to provide their tips, tricks and insights as well as available notes, slides and past/practice exams to help you study the right way.

Track record of success

  • Our tutors have been there and done it. Leverage our community knowledge to improve yourself and reach your full potential.

Exam help

  • Finalise your preparation for exams by testing your understanding, memorisation and technique with tutors in exam-like conditions to ensure you excel.

Disciplined and motivated

  • Work with a tutor who knows how to help keep you motivated, disciplined but also maintain the right balance of self-care.


If you have a question that does not appear here, please reach out to our helpful support team or via Chat.

What is Learnmate?

Learnmate is a marketplace of over 400 tutors across Australia. Our tutors are a combination of aspiring neurosurgeons, doctors, lawyers, engineers, mathematicians, data scientists, web developers, pilots, politicians, future leaders and qualified teachers who offer 1:1 and group tutoring for the next generation of school students.

Why should I use Learnmate?

Our tutors are a combination of high achievers and teachers who can help you achieve your ATAR goal. As a marketplace with hundreds of tutors, we have tutors available all across Australia and at hourly rates that satisfy every budget.

Learnmate also makes scheduling and paying for lessons as well as attending online lessons (if you are tutoring online) completely hassle free. We have a calendar for your tutor to schedule your lessons in so you never forget, automated payment systems, a virtual classroom software for online lessons and a customer support team ready to help whenever you need. Need we say more?

What do tutors need to do to be listed on Learnmate?

Learnmate tutors must meet certain qualification requirements to be listed, including having achieved a minimum ATAR of 85, having obtained a relevant teaching qualification or have experience tutoring professionally. Most of our tutors have achieved well in excess of these hurdles and/or are highly experienced teachers.

Due to our vetting process, only a small percentage of applicants end up listed on Learnmate.

Do your tutors offer in-person or online tutoring?

Generally speaking, both! Our tutors are located all across Australia and there’s a good chance there’s a quality tutor waiting to help you in or near your area. Most of our tutors offer tutoring online (via our online learning platform), whether for long-distance and remote students who can’t find a local tutor or those who simply prefer to learn online.

How does Learnmate provide a safe and supportive environment for its students?

We pride ourselves on delivering the best outcomes for our students and providing a safe environment for them to learn. This means ensuring that the quality of the service our tutors provide meets your expectations and that we provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone in the Learnmate community. Learnmate has set up partnerships with key independent providers to ensure we meet and exceed recognised standards in the tutoring industry.

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