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Liam H Years 7-10, VCE Ancient History, VCE Art, VCE Australian History, VCE Australian Politics, VCE Business Management, VCE Classical Studies and Societies, VCE Drama, VCE Economics, VCE English, VCE English Language, VCE English Literature, VCE Foundation English, VCE Geography, VCE Global Politics, VCE History Unit 1, VCE History Unit 2, VCE Legal Studies, VCE Media, VCE Philosophy, VCE Psychology, VCE Revolutions and VCE Sociology Tutor

Hi there! I’m Liam, with 5+ years of tutoring excellence! I’m here to help you in History, Art, Politics, Business Management, Classical Studies and Societies, Drama, Economics, English, Geography, Global Politics, History Unit 1 & 2, Legal Studies, Media, Philosophy, Psychology, Revolutions and Sociology (96.60).

Andi H. Years 7 - 12 English & Visual Arts

Hi! I'm Andi, a Years 7 - 12, VCE English & VCE Visual Arts tutor, & I am dedicated to tailoring lessons to my students to help them achieve results!

Ruby W Primary School, Years 7 - 10, VCE Philosophy, VCE Art and VCE Theatre Tutor

Hi! I'm Ruby, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10, VCE Philosophy, VCE Art and VCE Theatre Tutor. I am passionate about my students, and offer tutoring sessions catered to each individuals needs.

Lily B. Art, Drama, English & English Language

Hi there! I'm Lily, a VCE Art, Drama, English & VCE English Language tutor, & I believe a passion for content allows students to fulfil their potential!

Tessa D. Years 9 - 12 Art, Revolutions & English Literature

Hey there! My name’s Tessa and I’m passionate about helping you to not only enjoy your VCE experience, but achieve exceptional results and enjoy success in English Literature (42), Art (44) and History: Revolutions (42)!

Erin A. Psychology, Media, Studio Arts, and HHD Tutor

I'm Erin, a VCE Psychology (46), Media (42), HHD (44) and Studio Arts tutor (50), and I believe I can pass on my enthusiasm for learning to my VCE students.

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