iCanMed UMAT Pro Course – Learn How to Score in the 90’s in UMAT 2017!

Reduce stress with engaging video tutorials and face-to-face workshops on every question type found in all three sections of the UMAT

Stay on top of class by learning from those who have been there and have helped hundreds of others succeed

Save study time by learning how to do the UMAT the revolutionary way that doesn’t require you to do countless questions to succeed

I have never seen a UMAT course that is so well-planned and actually has a curriculum to follow. The video tutorials are perfect to use whilst juggling the stress of Year 12 and extracurricular activities. This course will allow you to save an immense amount of time and you will actually learn how to the UMAT better than anyone else.

Maddi Tse, Monash Medical Student, 99.75 ATAR, 98th percentile in UMAT

Three ways to use these tutorials:

1) Online course: accelerate learning in your own time, at your pace, at your desire to succeed.

iCanMed’s online course has been developed to contain everything a student needs to succeed in the UMAT. Not only does it include step by step videos and concise advice on how to solve UMAT questions, but it also does so in an entirely new way that makes learning very simple. Not seen anywhere else, iCanMed has broken down and analysed previous exams to summarise your UMAT study into 15 question types. Furthermore, if any issues arise, iCanMed has an incredible support team that will respond within 24 hours.

iCanMed built the course from the recommendation of hundreds of past UMAT candidates to make sure learning is made quick, easy and stress-free.

2) Face-to-face Workshop Part 1: Spend one day to get UMAT under your belt.

In just one day, iCanMed will transform you into a UMAT master. Learn exactly how to dissect and answer all 15-types of UMAT questions quickly and accurately. Then put your learning to use by receiving immediate feedback by the UMAT coach as you attempt a broad range of questions to refine your technique. 

Best of all, iCanMed does not believe in cramming hundreds of students into one room, so we promise that the experience will be personal and engaging, and you will have the opportunity to ask and discuss any issues you may have. 

3) Face-to-face Workshop Part 2: Spend one day to be exam-ready.

Within the last month of preparation, iCanMed will take another day to make sure you know everything you need to flourish on the exam day. Students are invited to sit a mock exam at a test centre, receive detailed personal feedback and be given final invaluable exam strategies.

Highly qualified educators

Hi, I’m Michael and Ashton! We are the creators of this course and are committed to helping you conquer the UMAT once and for all. We have a combined professional teaching experience of over 15 years and have perfected ways to make learning accessible, engaging and effective for doing brilliantly on your exam day. In our journey, we have helped over 400 students gain entrance to medicine and dentistry courses in the top universities in Australia and New Zealand, many of whom scored in the high 90’s (and 100th) percentiles for the UMAT. iCanMed’s UMAT Pro Course is the culmination of all the best preparation strategies, questions, resources and techniques to help students beat the UMAT.

There were two main areas we focused on to make this course the best course available:

  1. By the end of the course, students need to have learned everything that allows them to score 100th percentile in UMAT.
  2. Students need to find the course flexible, supportive and accommodating to their busy lifestyles.

So, we have made sure our course is:

  • Easy to learn from
  • Quick to go through
  • Adaptive to each individual student
  • Highly-supportive
  • Well-organised
  • Incredibly engaging
  • Well-researched
  • Updated
  • And, also a natural learning experience

We have spent nine years breaking down UMAT questions, recording the habits of top students, integrating innovative learning frameworks, as well as thousands of hours of refining our content. The result? The UMAT Pro Course is a course that does all the above and more for each and every student. Students now understand techniques quicker, are in control of their studies and stress less. We look forward to working with you to prepare for this year’s UMAT in a way that has students have never experienced before.

Is it worth it?

“The UMAT Pro course at iCanMed has been incredibly useful. I was able to improve my previous UMAT score by 40th percentile.
“The material was clearly organised with set learning objectives. It helped me to develop the mindset and tools to tackle many of the UMAT problems. The courses were also useful for my pursuit of personal development, self-improvement, and critical thinking. Highly recommended for everyone!”

Carroll Ching – 5th-year medical student at University of Otago

Students love this course!

“iCanMed’s approach to teaching was hugely beneficial to me achieving well in UMAT (98th percentile). The focus on critical thinking and breaking down the question into identifiable parts are inherent to understanding how to maximise your exam experience best.

A methodical approach – which students are encouraged to take on – towards each question makes the intimidating three-hour exam seem all the more manageable.”

Sabrina Yeh, 5th Medical Student at Monash University

I think the iCanMed UMAT Pro course is a thorough package – I feel that a lot of thinking is done for the students (they don’t have to figure out how to approach the question, it’s already done for them). It is super guided. Ultimately there’s still some thinking that students have to do! But that’s it!

Ru Hui Khoo, 2nd-year Medical Student at Monash University

“After finding myself with roughly only one week to prepare for the UMAT due to a crazy schedule, I was amazed at the progress I made with iCanMed’s UMAT course. The entire course structure allowed me to pick up the lessons where I had left off previously in a quick and painless fashion.
I took another UMAT course, and after doing the UMAT, I got 53 percentile in section one and 50 percentile in section two, while my section three score remained high. After going through iCanMed’s program and trying the UMAT again this year I was able to improve on section one by 37 percentiles and section two by 45 percentiles.”

Damien Deng, iCanMed UMAT Pro Course Student in 2016, Awaiting offers

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