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Australia’s best UCAT tutors

Amid the stress of preparing for the UCAT, the last thing you want is the added pressure of searching for a tutor. Learnmate has a network of more than 1,000 tutors across Australia making finding a tutor easier as you journey through the difficult process of applying for medical or dental degrees. Our tutors are experienced and highly reviewed to ensure that you are matched with the perfect one to suit your needs.

Every Learnmate tutor must fulfil certain joining requirements and complete a detailed online training program, giving you complete assurance that you’re engaging a tutor who is knowledgeable and trusted. Our tutors are available in-person or online throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. So, finding a local tutor with Learnmate is easy! Our tutors teach wherever is convenient for you – online, at a local cafe or library, or in your own home.

Start your journey with an engaging and supportive Learnmate UCAT tutor today!

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Structure and Content of the UCAT

The UCAT test consists of 3 hours testing time, plus 10 minutes reading time.

The test contains 134 questions, presented in one test booklet and there are no rest breaks.

UCAT is designed to measure ability in the following areas:

  • Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving
  • Understanding People
  • Non-verbal Reasoning

All UCAT questions are in multiple choice format with 4 or 5 response alternatives, from which you are asked to choose the most appropriate. Each question has only one correct response. Some questions are in written form and may present information in visual or tabular format while other questions are based entirely on visual material.

Some example questions are available in the UCAT Information Booklet.

Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving
Materials are drawn from a wide variety of general sources and are based on a brief text or piece of information presented graphically.  Questions assess your ability to comprehend, draw logical conclusions, reach solutions by identifying relevant facts, evaluate information, pinpoint additional or missing information, and generate and test plausible hypotheses.

Understanding People
This construct assesses the ability to understand and think about people. Questions are based on a scenario, dialogue or other text representing specific interpersonal situations. Most passages will have several questions. The questions assess your ability to identify, understand, and, where necessary, infer the thoughts, feelings, behaviour and/or intentions of the people represented in the situations.

Non-verbal Reasoning
Questions may be of several kinds. All are based on patterns or sequences of shapes and are designed to assess your ability to reason in the abstract and solve problems in non-verbal contexts.

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