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Tasmania’s best tutoring platform.

If you are looking for a personalised learning experience in Tasmania, you’ve come to the right place.

Learnmate has one of the largest networks of experienced tutors throughout Tasmania, so whether you’re located in Hobart, Launceston, Devenport or elsewhere we’re bound to have the perfect tutor for you.

Our tutors cover a range of subjects, from primary and secondary school fundamentals such as maths, science and languages, to all TASC subjects. Learnmate tutors have the resources to teach online, at a conveniently-located local library or coffee shop, or even in the comfort of your own home – the choice is yours.

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6000+ students tutored nationally since 2015.
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More than 1000+ qualified tutors to choose from.
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Over 120,000 hours of tutoring delivered.
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An average 4.8-star Google rating from our students.

Hear from our students and parents!

It's easy to get connected to a tutor with Learnmate.

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Contact your preferred tutor(s) for more information and schedule a lesson at a time and location that suits you, whether in-person (i.e. at your home, school or local library) or online. Subject to tutor availability, you have complete freedom to have lessons wherever and whenever you choose.
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Paying Your Invoice
Learnmate will charge your credit or debit card automatically after each lesson. You will receive a confirmation email alerting you when payment has been processed. See our Payment Policy for more information around payment processes on Learnmate.

How the TASC works.

Students who complete Years 11 and 12 in Tasmania will be awarded the Tasmanian Certificate of Education, or TCE, by the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC).

If they wish to obtain the TCE, students must demonstrate competencies in literacy, numeracy, computer skills and other areas. Tasmanian Students hoping to attain an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) will also have to achieve a score of Satisfactory Achievement or better in at least 4 courses that are scaled (that is, courses which are from TASC accredited levels 3 or 4), at least 3 of which must be taken in their final year.

Looking for more information about the TASC? Click here.

Fun fact: Tasmania is the only place on Earth home to the Tasmanian devil, the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial.

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