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Learnmate has been offering tutoring for high school students throughout the Canberra area since 2015. Our proven and professional high school tutors service a range of locations across Canberra. Whether you’re looking for lessons at a public library, in the comfort of your own home, or even online, we’re sure to have a tutor that suits your needs.

Every Learnmate high school tutor in Canberra possesses a Working with Children Check and completes online training. This, along with the great reviews that our tutors receive from students and parents, should give you complete confidence that you’re engaging a tutor who can help you achieve great results.

We have tutors available to teach a range of high school subjects, including English, maths, science, biology, physics, economics, chemistry, and many more. Whatever your needs, we’re sure you’ll find the best high school tutors in Canberra with Learnmate.

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Learnmate will charge your credit or debit card automatically after each lesson. You will receive a confirmation email alerting you when payment has been processed. See our Payment Policy for more information around payment processes on Learnmate.

What subjects can high school tutors in Canberra teach?

With Learnmate’s network of over 1,000 experienced tutors teaching online and in-person across Australia, you’re sure to find your perfect high school tutor in Canberra. Here are just some of the subjects our tutors can help you with:

Students who complete their senior secondary studies in the ACT will receive the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate (ACT SSC) from the Board of Senior Secondary Studies, or BSSS.

In order to attain their SSC through the standard method, students must undertake at least 4 different A, T, M, H, C or E courses (details on the meanings of the letters designated to each course can be found here) from at least three different course areas. These must include at least 2 A, T or M courses, one of which must be in the English course area. They must also complete a minimum of 17 standard units.

Learn more about the BSSS here.

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Did you know?

Learnmate also has high school tutors in other parts of Australia. If you’re not located in Canberra, you can also study with us in:

Some of our tutors from Canberra!

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