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A tailored one-on-one learning experience (in-person or online lessons), with the best primary school and high school tutors in Adelaide & South Australia. With hundreds of qualified tutors, LearnMate Tutoring gives you the freedom to learn on your terms this year. With LearnMate, you aren’t restricted to a tutoring centre. Instead, you can choose to have lessons with your tutor at home, school, a public library or online!

Step One: Search

Start by conducting an online search for a suitable primary or high school tutor:either in person or online. Once you've found tutors you like, you'll be able to shortlist your tutors & book instantly on-screen, and you'll be instantly provided with the tutor's direct contact details.

Step Two: Account

We will create a personal LearnMate account for you where you will be able to keep track of all lessons, schedule in lessons, make online payments via your credit card, or request a package for a discount on lessons! With LearnMate, you can track everything from lessons to payments!

Step Three: Schedule

After you're provided the contact details of the tutor, you'll be able to contact the tutor to schedule in a lesson at a location that suits you: either in-person (home, school etc), or online! You are given complete freedom to have lessons whenever or wherever.

Step Four: Pay

After a lesson happens and your tutor approves the lesson, your credit or debit card will be automatically charged, along with a confirmation email sent to you. Save time by no longer needing to remember to pay your tutor each time a lesson happens!

Philanthropic Tutoring

LearnMate proudly provides philanthropic tutoring to seriously ill children for Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia.

10,000+ Students

Since our inception in early 2015, LearnMate has successfully helped over 10,000 students nationwide (through in-person and online tutoring) achieve success in their studies!

100,000+ Hours of Tutoring

Our tutors have proudly completed more than 100,000 hours of in-person or online lessons - that's the same as over 6 million minutes of tutoring!

1000 In-Person & Online Tutors

With over 1000 tutors and the largest network in Australia, you can get instantly connected to any primary or high school tutor for in-person or online lessons today!

Can’t find a local tutor in-person or want to have lessons online? No worries! LearnMate Online allows you to tap into hundreds of online tutors across all subjects, in all parts of Australia! LearnMate has online tutors for English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science and so much more! LearnMate has over 1000+ primary and high school subjects all over Australia. Start your search for a tutor today!

Expert Guarantee.

All of our primary school and high school tutors go through a screening and training process to ensure we only provide you with the best tutors in Australia. All of our tutors also have valid Working With Children Checks.

Instant Access.

In a hurry and want to get tutoring underway as soon as possible? With LearnMate, you're given INSTANT access to the contact details of the tutors you're interested in. To get started, begin your search here.

No commitment.

No contracts. No upfront fees. Whether you need a single lesson or help for an extended period of time, you are in control. You don’t need to commit to a tutor unless you want to. All of our prices are fair and affordable.

Convenient Billing.

After a lesson happens and your tutor approves the lesson, your credit or debit card will be automatically charged, along with a confirmation email sent to you. Save time by no longer needing to remember to pay your tutor each time a lesson happens!

Discount Packages.

We believe in rewarding commitment and dedication. Save up to 10% by purchasing your professional tuition in advance. With no booking fees, LearnMate Tutoring helps to take the hassle out of homework!

Affordable Prices

Receive premium tutoring for a not-so-premium price. Prices starting as low as $30 per hour and you're also protected by our money back guarantee! No payment required upfront. Check out our affordable prices here.

In-Person or Online.

Lessons can be held either in-person or online. With tutors in Melbourne, Canberra, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth & Adelaide, YOU get to choose where to have lessons with your tutor: at home, school, a public library or online!

Useful Study Tips.

LearnMate also provides you with weekly study tips! Not only do you receive support from your tutor, LearnMate also provides its dedicated customers with resources and weekly study tips via email to help you succeed!

LearnMate Tutoring
Based on 282 reviews
Grant C
02:35 25 May 21
Our tutor was friendly, relating learning back to his own experiences which helped my son connect the extra effort he's putting in to real world outcomes.
Michael Smolders
05:57 18 May 21
My stepson was very happy with George D.'s tutoring assistance at his first lesson this week. George really helped him better understand and critically evaluate his maths responses. Clearly George is very knowledgeable and passionate about maths, He was on-time and energetic in his tuition approach. Looking forward to upcoming tutoring sessions. Thanks to LearnMate for providing a platform to find great local tutors.
Ming Dong
23:15 14 May 21
Lauren Rourke
00:16 13 May 21
I organised a Year 12 Chemistry tutor for my daughter, after surgery delayed her progress at school.The process to set up, select tutor and start the online sessions was very easy. Weekly payment is direct debited, with both reminder and receipt emails each week.With regards to the tutor, have found Casey to explain fundamentals very clearly, leaving time for my daughter to ask clarification as needed and work through her class work together, developing a greater understanding each week.I have noticed that my daughter is enjoying chemistry again, and this is entirely due to her online tutoring sessions and better understanding of her work.
Manal Alqahtani
01:31 08 May 21
Mia from Learnmate English tutor was helpful to my daughter, she was very kind and give my daughter a chance to like English.Thanks
Dave Bennett
06:40 06 May 21
Loving having Marie as a psychology tutor - she’s clear and very helpful!
Zoe Moore
05:07 04 May 21
Animator 2000
01:35 28 Apr 21
Nuzhatul Mannan
07:59 26 Apr 21
A great tutoring platform with excellent tutors available to help you!
Nat Werry
10:07 22 Apr 21
I think the service is really helpful and offers a wide variety of tutors.
Sue Horlin
08:10 05 Apr 21
LearnMate was amazing - so easy to find a suitable tutor and to book and pay!
debbie weinbach
19:36 29 Mar 21
Very happy with this service, you get to see photos and great descriptions of the tutors. So far the communication from the tutor has been great, I like the way you can search for tutor by subject. Good value for money
Martin Salazar
10:30 29 Mar 21
Offers great tutors with invaluable experiences that open a plethora of different paths to success for the student that has certain needs for a subject.
Kerriann Phillips
10:18 29 Mar 21
Our first experience with Liam A has been great Thanks Liam very professional and simple once we got the hang of it.
Grace Williams
07:36 29 Mar 21
Amanda Todd
02:08 24 Mar 21
My daughter had her first lesson with Giselle today. After trying a few different tutors we have finally found a match. We are so pleased to have found her. Thank you
01:52 23 Mar 21
chin chin par
08:22 27 Feb 21
I learnt a lot from my tutor and within the first lesson I feel as though I have already gained a lot of knowledge on how to improve my English skills.
Maninder Gill
23:12 26 Feb 21
Erin Beard
09:05 26 Feb 21
An easy to use and professional service, matching tutors to student needs.
Lan Goh
03:01 19 Feb 21
Jaime Doolie
06:05 18 Feb 21
Kate our tutor is extremely knowledgable and good at her job. We are extremely happy with her and the sessions she is helping our daughter with. LearnMate Tutoring have made the entire process very simple
Aashima K
07:35 16 Feb 21
19:30 15 Feb 21
Great place to find excellent tutors! We connected with a brilliant tutor and tutoring began, it was so easy! High quality tutors at reasonable prices. Highly recommend Learnmate.
Sherrie Cormie
09:19 15 Feb 21
I’ve used two VCE tutors for my son through LearnMate. Both have been professional, knowledgeable, organised and most importantly able to relate with my son’s experience and stressors associated with VCE.
Glen Kieseker
10:55 31 Jan 21
I would recommend you take the time to read the tutors biography and use that to help guide you in choosing a tutor. I was looking for a tutor for my son in year 12. I ended up choosing Samuel from the list and he was spot on. My son connected with him and they achieved so much in their first session. I have already confirmed another session next week, so that we can continue helping my son. Samuel also emailed us prior to the session to confirm times and subjects, and followed up promptly after with questions to ask his school teachers this week. Very impressed!!
Blue Bird
00:54 25 Jan 21
Krishna K
20:37 18 Jan 21
The tutors are very communicative and teach quite well
Tak Chan
10:24 18 Jan 21
LearnMate made finding a tutor for my particular subject very easy. As everything was concise enough to direct myself around; very organised. However, just in my own experience, the teacher's teaching style didn't align with my learning style. But regarding to the organisation of the LearnMate, it was a splendid experience and would recommend.
Tanya Caughey
07:12 13 Jan 21
Tina Thompson
01:17 08 Jan 21
My daughter needed some help to improve her grades for PE 3/4. This need came quite suddenly mostly due to covid iso. In a very short time my daughter built her confidence with the guidance of her tutor and helped her achieve a great result. Even though the sessions were not face to face the result was great. We were reluctant at first to go ahead with virtual session but her tutor applied the right methods to make online work and it did. Thank you so much for all your help.
Jasmine Wu
13:04 28 Dec 20
Professional good tutor with passionate for kids
18:24 23 Dec 20
Ping Fan
06:28 15 Dec 20
Hannah Brooks
05:42 15 Dec 20
Our daughters tutor has been fantastic. She has really got my daughter engaged with learning. Couldn't be happier.
ghada mustafa
22:08 16 Nov 20
Jonna Mansfield
20:02 12 Nov 20
I’m glad I discovered LearnMate for my son.His tutor Emily for HSC Maths is fantastic. She’s not only very knowledgeable, her soft skills are very good. She makes the student feel comfortable and knows how to get through to the student-which is even more important.
Carol Dowling
08:24 04 Nov 20
My son has gained more confidence with his class assessments and is doing well in class
Jieming Zhao
23:34 29 Oct 20
As a tutor Mark is valuable, he is wise and enthusiastic. My boy likes to learn with him so much.
Daniel Pisani
07:08 29 Oct 20
Very happy with the range of tutors and subject. Also the response time and service from the admin team is terrific! highly recommend.
Regina Todarello
19:18 19 Oct 20
💪 excellent service and a great way for my child to interact and get help
sarah tshuma
12:54 17 Oct 20
This service has been invaluable for me during my HSC year, my tutor Leonie has given me so much confidence in my mathematical ability. The whole process is really simple you just decide on your lessons with your tutor or place them on the calendar yourself and Learnmate will send you a reminder in the days leading up to your lesson and lesson notes after.
Liza Hyland
05:07 16 Oct 20
My daughter is really happy with her friendly tutor.
Jessica Drane
04:27 14 Oct 20
Really happy with our Tutor Cathy, she is very attentive to my daughters needs and provides me with regular updates regarding my child's process. She is a lovely caring beautiful lady and I would highly recommend, I'm so glad we found Cathy 🙂 My daughter looks forward to her tutoring lesson each week.
tegan devlin
21:58 12 Oct 20
insightful and supportive help from my tutor, to allow me to succeed in my research project. This support allowed me to flourish in the subject creating a foundation for my future.
Gigliola Aru
21:36 09 Oct 20
Going through learnmate to find a tutor has been such a great experience and given me piece of mind. My daughter has found an exceptional understanding tutor who has instantly boosted her confidence for her upcoming exams. It was a quick easy process to find a tutor and professional.
Hema Desai
10:49 07 Oct 20
I was first a bit apprehensive about LearnMate but they found a great tutor for my daughter and I love that I never have remember to pay or schedule lessons unless they change.
Linh Hương Lưu
08:41 05 Oct 20
VIP Migration
08:32 28 Sep 20
Naomi Hammond
04:04 25 Sep 20
Ron Lucerne-Knight
01:34 23 Sep 20
My Son is benefiting greatly from the tutor
Anika Mendiola
00:14 22 Sep 20
Melanie Davern
21:30 19 Sep 20
Maree Thus
09:15 14 Sep 20
Great tutor. Quality service all round. Highly recommend
Alan Clement
01:46 07 Sep 20
Very happy with the Learnmate service. We have been impressed with the high quality tutors we've had. Would definitely recommend to others.
Gayle Smith
11:29 02 Sep 20
My son in year 11 had his first session today, he was very happy with Giovanni and has asked for more sessions. It seems to have motivated him. Lesson was on time, easy to set up and record.
06:09 17 Aug 20
My daughter is very happy with the tutoring, finally she seems to be understanding topics like never before.
Sxnflower Gaming
10:14 16 Aug 20
LearnMate tutoring put us in touch with the best and most reliable tutor my family have ever used (Nicholas). I can not recommend them highly enough! Anita
Kai Gobeo
01:09 15 Aug 20
They have very insightful tutors and easy to get in contact
Loveena Narayanen
07:27 13 Aug 20
My daughter is very happy with the tutors from learmate In these challenging times and being in Year 12, it has been particularly helpful for her to have one on one sessions and ask questions. Both tutors Casey for Maths and Georgia for English Language have been very good!
Sabina Sulovsky
11:22 12 Aug 20
Absolutely fantastic quality of tutoring. Excellent teaching skills. The process was seem less. Highly recommend Sai U. Super impressive
Jacquie Caldwell
03:16 12 Aug 20
I can highly recommend Alana Hayes-Chen who recently provided Spanish ab initio tutoring for my teenage son who is completing the IB Diploma/Year 12. Alana communicated with us promptly and worked with our schedule to provide intensive tutoring to an extremely high standard. Her skills in this subject were very evident, and her ability to convey information clearly meant that my son achieved his goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alana to any potential student seeking tutoring, not only in Spanish but a number of other IB subjects. Thank you Alana!
Abdullah Razee
08:50 11 Aug 20
LearnMate is a very good marketplace where you are trying to find home tutors for your kids or children. For a very affordable fees you get access to a large pool of Tutors and you can choose the best person suitable for your situation.I would recommend anyone to use this platform who is looking for a home tutor or online tutor for their kids.
Olivia Vouris
07:15 10 Aug 20
Lovely tutor! So prepared and professional!
Napal Deng
04:29 06 Aug 20
This website has amazing tutors who have so much knowledge about teaching kids and having fun with them so they don’t get to bored or tired. They care so caring and polite. I highly Recommend them.
Cathie Gilbert
09:51 05 Aug 20
My daughter had her first lesson yesterday and she found him very good and explained things for her to understand. Very happy so far with the choice of tutor we choose.
Robert Dore
21:29 01 Aug 20
My daughter received a C on geography and from 1 lesson achieved a B. Now we are working on maths and after 2 weekend lessons I’m seeing massive improvements and more understanding when it comes to the time length in doing homework.Our tutor is Mark and even he is excited with her progress. When both parties are willing to achieve the same goals, nothing is impossible.Thanks LearnMate.
Lynette Kyriakos
00:19 01 Aug 20
Very happy with our experience using LearnMate to find a Maths tutor for Year 11. Nicholas has been great and we have been able to continue with tutorials using zoom during COVID-19. We also get get weekly lesson reports.
Sarah Hay
22:20 30 Jul 20
I would highly recommend! brilliant tutors!
Hanah Maki
22:57 29 Jul 20
Robyn Rowley
21:08 27 Jul 20
My daughter is very happy to have such a good tutor, they both clicked straight away. To see her excited and enthusiastic and not lost and confused really sums up LearnMate.
Dr Omaira Noor
12:16 26 Jul 20
gillian mondel
21:34 24 Jul 20
My son has been tutored by Caitlin Rochfort for vce Unit 3/4 software development and we have found her to be extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in her craft. She is patient and understanding of the challenges students face in this subject and we would thoroughly recommend using Caitlin as she is an outstanding tutor. My son has gained so much and become passionate about this subject through Caitlin’s guidance.
Aliman Aiyuchi
10:52 20 Jul 20
Great tutor, my daughter loves her global politics tutor, good communication. she supplies useful resources and her own experiences and explanations, which really help my daughter build up her confidence to answer questions.
Tasfia Hossain
08:44 20 Jul 20
Cath Ant
08:15 17 Jul 20
Hie Ping Wong
04:04 17 Jul 20
It has always been a challenge to me finding a good tutor for my kids until I found the LearnMate on google. After some researches, I decided to give it a go. Surprisingly it is easy to use and we can easily get connected with the tutors. Well done!
Helena Cameron
06:17 13 Jul 20
Wonderful first tutoring session for my year 9 son with a well qualified highly intelligent personable tutor who was clear about his approach and did much to assure my son of his capabilities to improve his Maths skills!
Marina Li
01:05 11 Jul 20
High quality, polite tutors who engage well with my child. Would recommend!
Anoushka Jain
08:30 08 Jul 20
the tutors are helpful and the site is easy to operate.
Melissa Robertson
05:12 26 Jun 20
So good!!
Md. Zahangir Alom
01:38 26 Jun 20
My son's tutor Kylie is absolutely helpful and knowledge and very punctual. She is teaching my son step by step to achieve a goal. Lot of improvements since she started teaching via online. Thanks Learn mate and Kylie
13:32 22 Jun 20
Josephine Amelia
05:49 21 Jun 20
Veer Gupta
06:04 13 Jun 20
Great class once again!
Chinmayi Krishnan
14:56 08 Jun 20
Easy to keep in touch with the tutors 🙂 Worth it
Nor Slee
10:39 05 Jun 20
Trying to tackle year 11 maths methods was very challenging for my son. Sukhraj approach was very professional. Explained topics well with examples and asked questions to ensure that my son really understood what was taught. Gave some assignment for practice after the tuition. Ensured us that he's available by phone and email if we need further clarification. Highly recommended.
Ashleigh Thompson
13:32 03 Jun 20
Tahlia was wonderful at explaining & helping my daughter to grasp concepts needed. She was friendly & flexible even with last minute exam help. Will continue to keep using LearnMate Tutoring.
Goodealing G
08:31 01 Jun 20
Great !
Soala Gogo
12:35 27 May 20
Anoushka Venkatesh
10:12 23 May 20
Has good tutors, has helped me improve my english a lot. Tutor helps you based on your needs, worth trying.
Karen Mierisch
07:49 21 May 20
Easy to navigate to search tutors, contact them and plan lessons. Payment is automated so set and forget. Our tutor, Rosie, is lovely and my daughter had a valuable 1st lesson.
John Vilar
06:03 21 May 20
Very helpful and flexible with your needs - they have very good tutors available
Bruce McCartney
00:52 15 May 20
Our tutor was on time and prepared for the first session. We are really happy with the outcome so far.
Joanne van Slageren
20:57 06 May 20
Lauren Kay
10:03 05 May 20
This was very easy to do and our tutor is lovely and helpful
Amy Tran
03:38 04 May 20
great tutor quality!!!
Vansh Shah
10:44 29 Apr 20
So LearnMate is a website from which I met Maddie who is an amazing english tutor but not only her, I saw many other great tutors whom seem to be very qualified. Learnmate's communication team is amazing and very helpful.Cheers,Vansh
Yvonne Z
12:25 28 Apr 20
LearnMate is an excellent tutoring platform. Glenda is the best maths tutor! She is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. My daughter is very happy with Glenda.
Claire Craven
08:03 27 Apr 20
The service was really easy to connect with and the tutor chosen was amazing to work with. So happy!
Sue Fairclough
01:37 20 Apr 20
Ruby BH
23:10 01 Apr 20
Super efficient, fast way of finding great tutors! Only took me five minutes on their website to find one, who I am still using, and who is really helpful.
Diane Falzon
06:51 01 Apr 20
LearnMate Tutoring is a simple and user-friendly platform to handpick the ideal tutor. They are attentive and quick to respond. Well done in making this often daunting process so easy. And the tutor for my daughter is great.
07:51 29 Mar 20
Nataliya Poshyvaylo-Towler
05:35 20 Mar 20
I’ve signed it to them LearnMate to arrange tutors for my Year 12 daughter. The process was easy and comprehensive. Once I’ve selected the tutors in my area, I’ve received list with contact details. What was even better the selected people have contacted me very quickly and we’ve arranged tutoring. Great service, happy with communication.
jun li
10:52 17 Mar 20
Daisy Chan
21:50 15 Mar 20
We have been very pleased with the services it provides - flexibility, quality and professional teaching.
Daisy Chan
21:44 15 Mar 20
2003 raian
10:11 15 Mar 20
Kate Stewart
20:42 12 Mar 20
Very happy with LearnMate - good selection of relevant tutors and responsive, punctual & experienced candidates.
Jacqueline Smith
13:17 10 Mar 20
My son has had Grace as his maths tutor for almost 12 months now. In that time he has greatly improved his results. Grace is engaging, keeps my son focused and on task. My experience with Learnmate has been very positive!
Noah Marklew
12:25 10 Mar 20
Could not recommend math tutor Ming Lim more highly. Great online set up with audio and real time links, professional, patient and builds confidence in the student of their ability.
Shannon Virtue
10:02 10 Mar 20
Well designed website
07:51 09 Mar 20
Linda is a great tutor and making a difference!
Connie (Butterfly789)
07:15 09 Mar 20
My sons Tutor James has been outstanding. Super professional and very kind.Thanks
Anastasia Oresti
10:24 27 Feb 20
Michelle Conder
09:38 24 Feb 20
Our year 10 daughter is being tutored by Courtney Love and she is fantastic. Enthusiastic, engaging, warm, friendly, and super smart. She has already helped our daughter enormously, and we will continue to use her services for as long as our daughter needs some extra help. We highly recommend her.
00:13 17 Feb 20
My son saw two tutors this week through LearnMate, James M. and Aadarsh R. I am very impressed with how the sessions went and my son got a lot out of the sessions. I like the fact that the sessions are pre-paid, just makes it less of a hassle making sure you have the cash each time. I definitely recommend LearnMate to anybody needing hassle free and good quality tutors for their children.
Sam Paynter
23:47 14 Feb 20
Very happy with Olivia. The perfect fit for our son in his VCE year
Janet Salthouse
20:10 14 Feb 20
Prompt efficient service. Our tutor is polite, friendly and very knowledgeable.
Lay Koon Lim
05:27 14 Feb 20
erica wong
21:27 13 Feb 20
i found it very easy to find the tutors my son needed, and they are good quality tutors as well. son get particularly impressed with the accounting tutur he has. i hope he will keep enjoying the services.
Brooklyn Group Pty Ltd
08:09 11 Feb 20
Fantastic service. It was easy and I didn’t have to work hard to find a tutor for my kids. Tutors are amazing
Julie Miller
23:56 07 Feb 20
A very easy and well informed process by Learnmate and very happy with my sons tutor, Charlie Aitken, who has tailored the lesson to meet my sons specific needs and has a great style with children.
Caroline Nguyen
05:21 31 Jan 20
Noki Harley
05:53 30 Jan 20
Donna Acker
20:57 29 Jan 20
Great tudors,
renjith kollakkombil
10:35 26 Jan 20
Very good Tutor, always on time
11:45 25 Jan 20
Learnmate tutoring is great. Easy to use, lots of tutor options. Easy to contact the tutors.
Kimberly Burgess
21:50 17 Jan 20
Great service and quality tutors
11:13 09 Jan 20
Great tutoring
nicola janvier
08:26 23 Dec 19
Nola Fitch
07:52 18 Dec 19
LearnMate Tutoring is so easy to use and to find a suitable tutor in the area. My son mentioned his tutor was really great and was someone he could relate to easily
Mandy Rice
12:05 17 Dec 19
Vannesa xoxox
12:16 14 Dec 19
Con Banias
09:49 11 Dec 19
Rick Koster
04:30 26 Nov 19
We are very impressed with Michael's professionalism and also his work ethic in tutoring our son in for Year 12 VCE. He has already made a difference early on. We look forward to his positive role in furthering our son's abilities across his final year. We highly recommend LearnMate.
Kay Murray
00:06 22 Nov 19
Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Always patient and encouraging.
Grant Allen
21:17 15 Nov 19
The tutor was very good, knowledgeable and friendly. Direct payment made things easy as well.
Leanne Cini
10:48 14 Nov 19
We found Long on LearnMate and after several lessons leading up to the VCE Chemistry exam this year, I asked my son what he thought of his tutor, his comment was “He saved my life”. I’m so glad I registered and got him the help he needed.
Ojasvee Dewan
07:26 06 Nov 19
B C Sumathipala
12:44 01 Nov 19
Georgia is doing a wonderful job with English literature. Thank you Cham
Amir Landarani
12:05 01 Nov 19
Amazing platform to find affordable and knowledgeable tutors.Would totally recommend to a friend!
Conan Jones
00:07 31 Oct 19
LearnMate considered and appreciated the characteristics and nature of the tutor requested and worked well with me to align my Yr11 child with a suitable tutor. They are getting along very well and the tutoring is having a marked effect on the approach to work. We look forward to seeing the improved assessment performance in line with the capability and confidence boost.
Rosanna Damiano
18:27 29 Oct 19
Happy I found LearnMate my daughter has a great tutor that we are really happy with and at a much cheaper price than other tutoring companies!
Han Xie
03:33 28 Oct 19
yiyun li
10:47 20 Oct 19
good and professional
jason ting
21:04 16 Oct 19
A good system being set up to find a tutor.
Karen Noe
03:55 16 Oct 19
Whilst my Son has only had one session so far with his tutor it was a great experience.
23:31 12 Oct 19
Very happy with my daughter's english tutor & everything runs smoothly with appointments and payments with the system LearnMate have in place.
Lana Simonovska
09:59 10 Oct 19
My son and I were very happy with the tutor we chose
Pauline Gauci-Chua
22:19 06 Oct 19
Easy to use site, and easy to find and book a tutor. My daughter enjoyed working with her maths methods tutor, concentrating on areas that needed to be worked on as well as learning tips that she had not been shown in the school classroom.
Nicola Yan
12:57 02 Oct 19
We had the first lesson this week and my son felt so happy and more confident after the hour. He found the tutor was able to explain and made it easy to understand his maths.
Linda Rai
22:35 30 Sep 19
We had researched many tutoring options before deciding on LearnMate. This has proved to be a wise and cost saving move. Our tutor (the first one we picked out) exceeded our expectations! The quality of tutors are high, and it is not overpriced.
Hong Le
00:31 28 Sep 19
Cathy La,Thank you for tutoring my son. He has passed year 11 English. Without your help he would failed it badly.You are the best tutor, very consistent even rainy day you would come on time. You are tutoring with knowledge and good heart, thank you.Hong Le---This year we got Cathy La again for my son year 12 English.Cathy La is a caring, puntuate, helpful and most of all her English tutoring is excellent.Thank you Cathy
Costa Tragakis
22:56 20 Sep 19
Bedshed Nunawading
23:35 12 Sep 19
Excellent tutoring service. Easy to use and find great tutors. Highly recommend.
benitta binoji
23:59 10 Sep 19
Great quality tutors!!
Vanessa Aravanis
23:57 10 Sep 19
My daughter loves her lessons and she has improved a lot since she started.
Melissa Armstrong
10:16 02 Sep 19
Lucy Menzies
07:40 02 Sep 19
Excellent service and Liam is a great tutor.
Ashruti Pandya
19:28 28 Aug 19
I am happy with my son's tutor Caleb Sia. He is on time to lessons. He has very good teaching skills and provides appropriate feedback and teaching materials for my son. He is quick to reply to any questions.
Joe Gill
07:35 27 Aug 19
Just started with LearnMate and it has been a really positive experience. The tutor (Eden) is terrific, the studies are focused and looking forward to more.
Tina Tsamis
23:24 26 Aug 19
Meg is an amazing tutor. Very bright and knowledgeable. She also provided resources to assist our son with his VCE English Sac.Thank you
11:56 20 Aug 19
Great choice of Tutors to choose from. Elise comes with a wealth of knowledge.
Tammy van Wisse
07:53 17 Aug 19
We recently started with a LearnMate tutor and are very happy with the results so far. Our daughter's tutor Aneesha is just fantastic and has already made an impact on her confidence at school.
Shabnam Khan
08:19 16 Aug 19
My daughter required assistance in 3 subjects for hsc. learn mate tutors had helped her so much. The tutors are very helpful and my daughter has benefited so much. Thank u
Melanie Cook
23:56 15 Aug 19
LearnMate has helped my so much in a short amount of time. Montana helps me so much each lesson and class has been getting easier due to my understanding. Would 100% reccomand this tutor service.
Gaurav Prasada
21:06 15 Aug 19
Simply the best service, have used them for getting maths tutoring for both my sons and the quality of tutors is fantastic
Carol Shamsabadi
08:35 14 Aug 19
We are very happy with the tutor for Psychology and the support that she provides.
Con Lappas
02:30 10 Aug 19
Experienced and professional tutors, with an engaging and practical approach to tutoring.
Warren Guest
23:33 08 Aug 19
Sharmeen 8 gaming
03:14 07 Aug 19
Nicole is a very good teacher helping my kids in her homework and school activities. Thanks Nicole
David Cheng
09:10 05 Aug 19
We are so pleased to have one of your tutor, Dominique to help our daughter's IB Psychology study. Dominique's knowledge, passion and communication skill elevate her to be one of the best tutor out there. Thank you Dom!
Iva Stencel
08:59 05 Aug 19
I am very happy with Mikhail from LearnMate. We were choosing a tutor for our daughter, who is a primary school student struggling with phonics and reading.He is wonderful, with lovely manners and has established a good relationship in a short time . My daughter enjoys and looks forward to her private lessons. She actually started to read and it seems that she is enjoying the reading now.
Tanya Doig
22:56 02 Aug 19
LearnMate tutoring has been a convenient and helpful way of finding a quality tutor. The sign up process was simple, and finding a suitable tutor close by was easy. It was great to read the profiles of potential tutors online. Our tutor (Jordan’s Robertson) provided clear and helpful guidance and feedback, and my daughter felt that he was knowledgeable in the subject. We will be using this service again!
Falguni Deb Chaudhuri
09:53 30 Jul 19
Awesome way to access tutoring even online if you can’t access face-to-face facilities. Great tutors and readily accessible. Value for money and easy integrated platform for communication between student and teacher.
Penelope Davies
09:50 25 Jul 19
Gillian is very helpful and thorough at explaining the topics at hand.Highly recommended.
Sarah Glasgow
14:09 24 Jul 19
We are very pleased with choosing LearnMate. The tutor we chose for my daughter is wonderful and has a lovely manner and has established a good rapport in a short space of time . My daughter enjoys and looks forward to her private lessons .
Ryan Pandit
09:41 23 Jul 19
LearnMate makes it easy to find tutors online, and provide you with their details upon enquiring. These tutors are highly qualified and are excellent at what they do.
angelica psiroukis
21:50 21 Jul 19
-', B l o s s o m b u n n y ,'-
02:09 15 Jul 19
Great tutors in a large range of subjects that you may be interested in. They are well trained and have helped me a lot in my subjects.
Danielle Feng
06:48 08 Jul 19
Well organized. Good tutor, well presented.
Gabrielle langsam
21:38 02 Jul 19
Website easy to useGreat choice of tutors availableWould recommend
Bernadette Walsh
23:34 27 Jun 19
My primary school son has responded well to receiving online tutoring sessions, possible more receptive than in person. The tutor has helped to extend his writing whilst keeping him focused during the 1 hour session.
Malu Alvarez
11:13 27 Jun 19
I’m glad I’ve contacted LearnMate tutoring, very friendly and staff are helpful. Reliable and knowledgeable tutor. Would recommend LearnMate for tutoring.
NATO Games
21:18 24 Jun 19
Our tutor was extremly helpful the way she explained everything my grandson understood we would recommend them to everyone
Paul Scerri
07:16 24 Jun 19
Found a great tutor for my daughter with ease! Great website with excellent customer service.
Jess Chapman
06:10 24 Jun 19
Great amount of tutors available. Website easy to work out and easy simple steps to book a tutor. Very happy with them
Ella Gressia
22:31 17 Jun 19
My sister in law introduced me to LearnMate and I couldn't thank her enough. LearnMate has found us an excellent tutor to hep my son with his Biology. LearnMate has made the process of finding a tutor very easy but at the same time making sure that they provide the best quality of tutors. My son's tutor, Peta, has helped him gain his confidence with his Biology as well as great school results.
Sung Cha
12:56 17 Jun 19
James Macmillan
02:31 13 Jun 19
Chandima Perera
00:47 11 Jun 19
Finally find a good tutor for my daughter 👍
Zsolt Kunyik
22:50 10 Jun 19
Tutor provided was very helpful, patient, and able to bring up idea's that were relevant to topic. Happy with service provided, definitely value for money.
jodie hendy
02:40 10 Jun 19
My daughter finds her tutor to be enthusiastic and it gives her another avenue to use.
10:12 08 Jun 19
LearnMate Tutoring has aided me in connecting with wonderful tutors who have really been helpful in assisting me to learn & understand my IB subjects further! Thank you for this extraordinary service 🙂
Allyson Gear
01:00 08 Jun 19
Easy to organise, questions answered quickly, tutoring starts when you need it and the tutors to choose from are of a high standard. Our tutor established repoir very quickly !
Snez Talevska
12:13 03 Jun 19
Easy to find great Toutors
08:59 30 May 19
very satisfied with the booking system and tutor. Benjamin A. is very punctual and dedicated, willing to give the feedback after every lesson.
Tristan Cleeve
08:41 30 May 19
An excellent, simple process to join, and get access to a good range of tutors serving our location. The tutor was great - good communication, responsive and helpful.
Jodie Tasseron
07:16 30 May 19
A great service which takes the stress out of finding a tutor in your area. Very easy to book and we now have an excellent tutor.
Filly Head
13:04 25 May 19
Great tutor, who has improved my daughters understanding of Maths immensely. My daughter has gone from not being confident with her maths to passing every exam she has sat and is improving all the time. Highly recommended. Value for money and very convenient, with lessons taking place in a library or even at your home if you wish. Highly recommended.
GregandJulie Leitch
10:32 24 May 19
The website is easy to navigate. Pairing up with the right tutor was painless and quick. Great site and highly recommend!!
07:03 24 May 19
I've been looking for an appropriate tutor for such a long time. Very lucky of me to find this online platform to get tutored. Extremely helpful!
06:13 23 May 19
Learnmate have provided excellent tutors over the past 1.5 years. Especially Panah. She is fantastic for Math Methods.
Tom Brotchie
05:19 23 May 19
This website provides a great and place for students to get in contact with tutors as provides a range of tutors for the students to sort through so they can find one that best suits their needs. LearnMate is a great place to work as they take care of both the students and tutors very well incentivising their tutors to work more productively.
Srinath Perera
13:33 22 May 19
Very good tutor in Biology and Chemistry. Very methodical and well organised. Very much considerate on providing the best for the student.
Nitsa Karouzakis
01:59 22 May 19
Gillian Tang
05:35 20 May 19
Tom Yang
05:28 20 May 19
Learn Mate is a great agency that I've worked with for the past 2 years. The tutors have a lot of support and I think that the student can always find an ideal tutor for their specific need.
Rohan B
05:26 20 May 19
Learnmate is a terrific place for any young tutors to find students! It's easy to manage online system and helpful online resources make the job as a tutor ever so easier.
Charlotte Young
04:50 20 May 19
Reliable and high quality tutors - we've been with Learnmate since September '18 and have used their services for IB Maths, Chemistry and French, both face to face and by Skype. It's been a valuable experience and on the admin side, they're always quick to respond and help.
Long Tran
04:30 20 May 19
The tutors that we have are really helpful. They all know what they're doing and willing to assist anytime outside of tutoring hours, via email. So far our kids are very happy with their tutors from LearnMate.
Bu Tracy
03:30 20 May 19
Heart company to connect teachers and students!
08:35 17 May 19
Simple and easy process. From sign up to allocating a tutor to eventually undertaking the classes with the selected tutor, the whole experience had been seamless and stress free. Our daughter has grown in confidence with the chosen subject and seems to be be improving week on week. Thank you LearnMate tutoring. Proven to be the right decision in the end.
Celine Choo
10:18 16 May 19
really great!!
Relax Jones
11:14 10 May 19
My daughters confidence is growing with the help of her chem tutor
Tarun Singh
15:28 06 May 19
Alicia Nowell
00:29 06 May 19
Has been a very easy system to use and my daugthter has found a most wonderful tutor who suits her well to assist her now she's in year 12. I would recommend Learnmate
Celine Choo
04:39 05 May 19
LearnMate put me in touch with an amazing Physics tutor near me, it was super easy to use and the website was really responsive. Would recommend!
Jo Philbrick
09:28 02 May 19
Very easy to use and set up lessons. My son is only up to his second lesson, but already he said it is such a big help having someone to go though things one on one.
Anupam Misra
12:22 28 Apr 19
Very good service. Happy with Tutor work
Tina Wu
11:05 28 Apr 19
Kriti Raghu
10:37 08 Apr 19
This website comes in quite handy when you don't know who to approach for help with tutoring your child. My daughter is pretty happy with the tutor I found through learnmate. You are doing a great job guys!
Nishchala Singh
21:45 05 Apr 19
Gavin Watson
08:41 02 Apr 19
Sessions have been easily managed. Tutor is helping my daughter a lot after only 2 lessons
Jia Wang
06:59 02 Apr 19
TraceyE B
06:31 31 Mar 19
LearnMate is so easy to use. Whether searching and finding a suitable tutor, to requesting/scheduling sessions. I do like that I don't have to handle the payment side and it's managed by LearnMate. Would recommend to family & fact I have.
dilshara athukorala
11:36 29 Mar 19
Devansh Bharti
06:12 27 Mar 19
Fiona Warner
07:44 26 Mar 19
Our first lesson with Elizabeth was fantastic - my daughter was so comfortable with her & had nothing but good to say about her tutor & the lesson that was given - we are both very pleased & looking forward to the next lessonsThank youKind regardsFiona
louise garrick
03:45 22 Mar 19
We have found an amazing Tutor. My son is in year 11 and his tutor was able to build rapport with him and make him feel comfortable asking questions and reviewing his work. The LearnMate site is easy to use and very professional.
Cassie M
13:35 17 Mar 19
What a great platform to deliver extra tuition in subjects! My son is receiving assistance by Yianni, Physics Year 12, via Skype. Great tutor, excellent service and highly recommended to anyone!
Sherif Boulos
02:49 17 Mar 19
Ann was polite, on time, mature and very flexible. She worked well with my daughter during the session and so overall a good first time experience of the calibre of the LearnMate tutors.
Audrey Wang
09:39 15 Mar 19
Jess Bell-Matsen
08:17 15 Mar 19
Great idea for a service. Completely legit and very easy, everything is done for you (payment and matching to tutors based on subject and area) and all there is to worry about is organising a time.Have and would definitely recommend.
Vicky K
20:05 11 Mar 19
Our daughter loves her maths tutor. She explains problems to our daughter in a way that makes sense to her, she has a clear plan and study strategy . We are very happy as is our child.
Yu Cheng
10:11 08 Mar 19
Good tutoring
Abbey Walker
06:19 05 Mar 19
Spencer Smith
06:54 01 Mar 19
Harrison O'Brien
09:15 26 Feb 19
Great service, good communication platform and easy to organise a tutor that meets are needs
Jodie Bayley
23:38 22 Feb 19
It was great to be able to read about each tutor and use this information to find someone who can support my child’s learning. Find the best fit.
Anne Smart
19:36 18 Feb 19
It was really easy to locate the tutors in our area, and view their profile. We then selected the one that seemed the best fit, and made all the arrangements, including billing through the app. A very simple process.
Priya Srinivasan
07:26 14 Feb 19
Garv is an excellent tutor highly recommend him and the efficient service by Learnmate
Kerry Gleeson
09:45 03 Feb 19
Easy to access quality tutors- teenagers reviewed profiles and identified who they thought would suit them- received a text and first appointment was arranged and our Tutor was simply fantastic ! very happy students!
Josephine “techthings” Dang
04:18 31 Jan 19
Krista Cedillo
04:26 25 Jan 19
Ronnie was prompt, knowledgeable and professional.
Evangeline Remer
21:36 13 Dec 18
I found the tutors whom I engaged to work with my son to have thorough knowledge of the subject. They are intrinsically motivated to help my son to succeed and thrive.
Paul Tang
23:56 06 Dec 18
Shiranga Jayawardena
11:03 03 Dec 18
Vira Catleya
23:57 25 Nov 18
Finally find a good tutor for my son where the location near our area
20:25 20 Nov 18
Sophia was great. Informative & very pleasant
11:53 26 Oct 18
really good tool to find your perfect tutor
Stephane Biggs
02:17 22 Oct 18
Ben Potter
22:31 07 Oct 18
Excellent tutor; online system works well.
Andrea Cheesman
03:55 06 Oct 18
Leslie Lawrence
04:50 30 Sep 18
We had an amazing tutor (Christine Zhong) come to our home and helped my daughter to understand some complicated material. She was passionate about getting her to understand the material and was very easy for my daughter to relate to. I was so thankful that LearnMate’s fees are so reasonable and I am now able to afford ongoing tutoring for her. They also have discount packages.
kenneth dutton
03:15 13 Sep 18
I want to thank Dmitri for getting back to me and following up to enable me find a tutor.
Company123 Support
02:07 13 Sep 18
Highly efficient and experienced organisationBest service
boris boris.garber10
02:05 13 Sep 18
Excellent service. Highly recommrnd
Andrew Watkins
04:28 01 Jul 18
Our tutor Megan is always on time to start with. She has worked with our (3) eldest children, being in Grade 6, Year 8 & 9 respectively. Megan has assisted our eldest with her maths 'blockage' to rise from a D grade in late Year 8 to achieving Bs and As mid way thru Year 9.
Terry and Sara Hogan
07:19 18 May 18
Easy search to find an excellent tutor - great service and reasonably priced
Henry Ja
07:29 12 May 18
Great service and high quality tutors. Staff are always on hand to help with any issues. Highly recommend using LearnMate if you are looking for tutors to help you improve your learning or get to the next level!
Cecilia Tonisson
05:54 12 May 18
Two tutors from LearnMate are tutoring my son. My son seems very happy with his tutors. I recommend LearnMate.
Irene Jones
21:45 23 Mar 18
The tutor that I have fromlearn mate is very professional, knowledge , approachable , professional and courteous
Cath Roche
12:48 22 Mar 18
Exellent tutor, so helpful in explaining the school topics and studying for exams ,very pleased to recommend !!:)
Manish Baheti
03:47 06 Mar 18
Good quality tutoring. Highly recommend using their services. Also very good use of technology to ease the operational aspects like class reminders, payments and invoices.
21:56 18 Jan 18
Excellent, well run tutoring agency with very high standards expected of all tutors. Certainly helping many young Australians succeed in their studies.
Violet Sattari
05:41 12 Jan 18
Great team who really prioritize the success of students!
Marjo Winskog
22:45 13 Nov 17
Needed quick help just a few days before my son's exams, contacted Learnmate. We got immediately response. Same day in just few hours, everything was arranged, we had a tutor next day. Our tutor was professional, polite, kind and have the knowledge about how to do the tutoring and to get my son interested and listen to him. I can highly recommend this service.
Kerry Dawson
03:08 06 Nov 17
LearnMate is an incredible service. Exceptional customer service on every level. Our math tutor was outstanding. Not only as a tutor but also a mentor. Thank you LearnMate.
13:51 02 Nov 17
Jae Catacutan
11:52 12 Oct 17
It's a very personal service and tailored to your needs. Very useful for any year level! 🙂
aleX bell
04:40 08 Oct 17
Fantastic tutoring agency with high quality tutors and exceptions customer service. Highly recommend!
04:24 13 Sep 17
Excellent tutors! There is continual email support, and workshops throughout the year. Recommend 100%.
Chris Uhe
10:28 07 Sep 17
We have been very happy with the 2 tutors we have used this year through LearnMate Tuturing. Excellent tutors & highly recommend LearnMate services
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Students who have successfully completed their senior secondary education in the state of South Australia are given the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

The credential is administered by the SACE Board of South Australia (formerly known as South Australia ‘s Senior Secondary Assessment Board, or SSABSA). The SACE Board of South Australia is an independent, ISO 9001:2008-accredited statutory authority of the South Australian Government.

The SACE program is also taught in secondary schools in the Northern Territories, where it is recognised as the Certificate of Education and Training for the Northern Territory (NTCET). The South Australian Matriculation (SAM) certificate is a SACE curriculum-based certification that is administered by South Australia’s SACE Board and taught in some schools in Malaysia and China.

To get the SACE, students must gain 200 credits from a range of subjects that they take, usually over two years. Twenty credits is equal to a full year subject, while 10 credits is equal to a semester long subject. There are two phases: Stage 1, which is done in Year 11 by most students, and Stage 2, which is done in Year 12 by most students.

SACE completion is a general prerequisite for universities and technical and continuing education colleges (TAFE colleges) in South Australia, both nationally and globally. The credential also provides students who choose to take a different route into the workforce with many study choices, such as pursuing apprenticeships while still at school.

There are two stages of the SACE:

  • Stage 1, which most students do in Year 11, apart from the Personal Learning Plan subject, which most students do in Year 10
  • Stage 2, which most students do in Year 12.

Each subject or course successfully completed earns ‘credits’ towards the SACE, with a minimum of 200 credits required for students to gain the certificate.

Students will receive a final grade from A to E for each Stage 1 subject and A+ to E- for Stage 2 subjects. For compulsory requirements, to gain their SACE they will need to achieve:

  • a C grade or better at Stage 1
  • a C- grade or better at Stage 2.
  • Other Stage 2 subjects totalling at least 60 credits.

The remaining 90 credits can be gained through additional Stage 1 or Stage 2 subjects or Board-recognised courses (such as VET or community learning) of a student’s choice.

Both internally (in school) and externally, SACE studies are evaluated. There is a 30 percent external evaluation for all top-tier stage 2 subjects, which can be an examination, investigation or performance.[2] As well as the mandatory subjects, the school-based evaluations of stage 2 are centrally moderated to ensure fair and accurate results.

Did you know? Adelaide was founded in 1836 as the proposed capital for a freely-settled British province in Australia, named in honor of Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, queen consort to King William IV. There is a Mediterranean climate in South Australia, with long , warm summers (250C to 350C) and cool to cold, snowless winters (100C to 150C). More than 2,500 hours of sunshine a year are provided by Adelaide, and without the humidity of other Australian cities.


Couldn’t find a local SACE or Adelaide tutor in your search results? Some tutors conduct lessons in multiple locations around Adelaide that are not near their residence. Simply contact us here and let us do the hard work and find a tutor for you.

Did you know? LearnMate offers both in-person and online tutoring for all primary – high school students!

Find Primary, High School & SACE Tutors – Online & In-Person