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July 26, 2023Learnmate

Today, we're happy to introduce you to one of Learnmate's star tutors, Jie! Jie has been tutoring for over 6 years and it is safe to say few tutors know their way around Maths more than Jie. We're delighted for you to meet him.

1. Tell us about yourself, Jie!

Hi, my name is Jie L, you can call me Jackson. I am an Australian with Chinese background. I have completed double degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Science.  I am currently a PhD Student in Applied Mathematics at The University of Adelaide.

I have been awarded two high distinction honours in Australian mathematics competition when I was in high school.  I started tutoring first with my classmate and I have been tutoring in Maths and sciences for over 6 years.

In tutoring, my aim is to provide extra practice, deliver customized instruction, enhance confidence, and cultivate a positive learning environment. The ultimate goal is to empower students, enabling them to become independent learners who can effectively apply their knowledge and achieve success in their educational endeavours.

2. What inspired you to become a tutor?

I love mathematics not only because it is essential for solving problems, but also because it helps to improve the analytically thinking and fosters the ability to think critically about the world around us. “Maths is the mother of science”. This is why I am interested in maths.

I started tutoring when I was high school, it was helping my classmates on a mathematics assignment. I still remember how happy he was after solving the toughest question in the assignment. I felt valuable and satisfied because of the help I provided.

3. What do you find most rewarding about tutoring?

(a) Making a positive impact

I often find it rewarding to see my students make progress and achieve their academic goals as I contribute to the growth and development of their knowledge and skills.

(b) Problem-solving

Through tutoring, you often encounter various learning obstacles and challenges while working with students. Finding effective ways to overcome these obstacles can be intellectually stimulating and rewarding as a tutor.

4. Do you have a story you can share with us that gives us an insight about you?

A few years ago, I came across a student who showed a keen interest in receiving math tutoring. Initially, math was their least favourite subject, and they were facing significant difficulties. However, after I provided dedicated support for a couple years, they eventually made remarkable progress and were admitted into a prestigious university to study mathematics and applied sciences. Witnessing this transformation was an immensely fulfilling experience for both the student and myself.

5. What can families and students expect from you as their tutor?

Being a friendly patient person, I am able to truly understand what students need and provide clear and easy explanations. When I help students, I would like to guide them to solving problems in their own ways rather than showing them my solutions.  As a famous Chinese proverb says:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

If you want to talk to Jie or are looking for a tutor like him...

You can visit Jie's profile on Learnmate by heading to this link (subject to Jie's ongoing availability).

Alternatively, you can search for more tutors like Jie directly on Learnmate.

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