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Why does Learnmate charge a commission?

Tutors pay a flat 30% commission of fees earned on the Learnmate platform. Tutors are paid every Tuesday for lessons completed in the prior week, minus Learnmate’s 30% commission.

Learnmate’s commission is charged to cover the costs involved with running the platform and to make your life easier as a tutor. This includes investing in technology and marketing to take care of all of the administration and lead generation so you can focus on helping more students achieve their education goals. The commission is also reinvested to cover important costs such as support services, regulatory compliance and to provide tutors with the benefit of a payment guarantee so you don’t have to worry about chasing up payments or not being paid. Learnmate is also a for-profit business and needs to generate revenue to continue to run and grow.

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Here’s how Learnmate’s commission directly benefits our tutors.

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Employing staff to run and maintain Learnmate’s platform, to provide support services for customers and tutors, to create and update tutor resources, online profiles, and resolve customer and tutor complaints and queries by phone and email.
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Pursuing overdue payments and covering bad debts, covering payment processing fees, and providing a payment guarantee to ensure you are paid for each lesson you complete regardless of whether the customer pays.
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Undertaking marketing campaigns to grow brand awareness, attract new students to Learnmate and generate tutoring opportunities for you.
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Creating and providing training material, resources and tips, ongoing dedicated tutoring support and one-on-one assistance so you can best achieve a student’s educational goals.

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