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“The Ronald McDonald Learning Program is a national program of Ronald McDonald House Charities helping children with serious illness catch up on their missed education following lengthy hospital stays and absence from school.”

Part of our bigger mission here at LearnMate is ensuring that everyone can get access to education if they need it. Beyond paid lessons from customers, we’re also partnering with Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia (you can read more about them here), and working together to support young people who are at risk of poorer outcomes in a charitable capacity.

By joining as a LearnMate Mission tutor, you will be provided amazing opportunities to help students with serious illness catch up on their missed education following hospital stays and absence from school. What’s better is you can complete your tutoring sessions from the convenience of your own home as all lessons are done online (to ensure widespread impact of the program).

So how does it all work?

  1. REGISTER: Express your interest below, ensuring all your details are as accurate as possible.
  2. STUDENT: Next, you’ll be sent a possible student when they come our way, and you’ll receive an email and text from us. We will also periodically email you to make sure you still wish to be part of the program.
  3. POLICE CHECK: When you get your first student, you will be required to PURCHASE a volunteer Police Check (per requirements of the Ronald McDonald Foundation) for $29.90 (to cover the initial student and any other subsequent students you would like to receive). This amount will be reimbursed to you at the conclusion of 10 lessons (max 1 hour each) with the student. A form will be sent to you at this point for you to sign and send back to us. You will also be required to have a valid Working With Children Check.
  4. TUTORING: All of the tutoring is currently done online to ensure a widespread impact of the program to eligible students, and LearnMate proudly provides unique training on how to tutor online effectively. You will also be required to commit to at minimum 10 hours of online tutoring with one or more students (depending on their needs). At the conclusion of 10 hours of volunteer work, you can choose to continue or discontinue. Sometimes we may receive requests for in-person tutoring and will be sure to ask you if you’d be interested.
  • You see the list of subjects LearnMate offers here.
  • Depending on the state in which you live, you will need to have a governmental card that states you can work safely with minors. In VIC, NSW, TAS, WA it is called the Working With Children Check, in SA the DCSI Check and in QLD the Blue Card. We will check and verify this number.

Note: please be patient after clicking on the ‘Submit’ button above, as your request may take a short moment to process. Only click this button once and be patient.

LearnMate Mission – Tutor Signup Form!