Tran H – Years 7-10, VCE English, VCE Biology and UCAT/UMAT Tutor

I am certain to ensure our lessons will be highly enjoyable as well as informative.

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About Tran

Hello there, thank you for visiting my profile!

I’m Tran and I am a Medical student at Monash university, currently studying the Bachelor of Medical Sciences and Doctor of Medicine.

I offer tuition for:

  • VCE English
  • VCE Biology

I completed VCE in 2017 with a raw 49 study score in English and 45 in Biology (Dux). As for the UMAT, I achieved a 97 percentile in 2017! Consistently throughout high school, I have maintained outstanding academic performance and top ranking for all my SACs. I am also very friendly, patient and passionate person. I am certain to ensure our lessons will be highly enjoyable as well as informative.

I also hold a valid Working with Children’s Check.



The UCAT, formerly the UMAT, is a highly challenging aptitude test where speed and efficiency are the most critical arsenal. The test makers know that with each question, a student can spend hours analysing and understand it completely (and perhaps get all the questions right too!) but what is the point of that? None. Essentially, to do well on such a test requires one to know certain shortcuts, tricks and most importantly method of thinking. For each of the five sections, I will be able to help you develop the skills needed in order to do the exam with confidence and speed.


My goal is for you to achieve the best possible marks, and I will do so by providing certain tips and tricks for you to have that competitive edge. Our lessons will be structured to accommodate your specific needs, whether this may be with essay planning, developing a deeper and broader understanding of the texts, expanding vocabulary, writing under time constraints and so on. Most of all, I will be sure that you will gain the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses, how to capitalise on them and improve as well.


As a Medical student, I certainly possess specialised knowledge ascertaining to Biology. The trick to do doing well in Bio is to be able to write concise and yet highly specific key words in the exam. I will ensure you have a clear understanding of what examiners are looking for, how to describe complicated biological processes and provide reasoning. I will more than glad to act as a 2nd teacher if you need by marking your work, explaining and clarifying your class’ content, provide help with homework and provide additional materials to help with understanding.


On weekends, I am available from 9am to 5pm. My availability on weekdays is dependent on my university schedule. However, I am quite flexible and will do my best to try to accommodate you into my schedule. I am very responsive, so as my student, feel free to contact me via online messaging, email or text.

Location and Prices

I’m situated in Clayton so preferably we will have your lessons at Monash University, or nearby public libraries.

I offer one-on-one service for $40-50/ h with the exception of the first 30 minutes of the first lesson being FREE!

Interested in hiring Tran to be your tutor?

Tran H – Years 7-10, VCE English, VCE Biology and UCAT/UMAT Tutor