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About Thomas

Greetings! I’m Thomas; undertaking a double degree of Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/ Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Japanese and minoring in International Studies at Swinburne University of Technology.

I am a very passionate Japanese tutor with 2 years of overall tutoring experience. I have taught year 12 for 2 years and been crafting my teaching attributes to elevate student’s result. This year, I have also open doors to teaching EAL and Year 7-10 to broaden my teaching experience and show case other areas of expertise I would like to teach to students in the nearer future.

I aspire to become the legendary teacher and I’ll make sure your motivation is there throughout every lesson.

I set very high standards to my students and be very supportive role model. I always look forward to pressing astounding results for you and making life easier by going through the basics and on the plus side, accelerating you ahead of class so that you can just breeze and treat class as revision since the material has been taught to you already.

I am your teacher, mentor, your guider, your friend. Essentially, I’m a go to person for you who needs assistance on your behalf because after all, you need me and that’s my job as a tutor so don’t fret at all.

My aim is to sharpen your language skills, phonetics through grammar, vocabulary building and oracy skills so that you are well prepared to tackle those challenging oral and written examinations. Be ready for brain melting exercises, homework to enhance your proficiency skills in the language. I will promise you to make it fun as much as possible so don’t you worry! 

I’ve received a 37 RAW score which scaled up to 45. I guarantee you to achieve a score like this is that you continue to improve yourself, look up, set a realistic goal and reap in the hard work in maximising your revision skills. Never belittle yourself but strive to do your very best until the rest of the remaining year or whatever year level you are currently in.

I’m proud to say my recent student, “Johnny Nguyen” which I will never forget that exciting moment (in the picture above on the right-hand side of me) where he received a RAW score of 36, SCALED to 44 that got him an ATAR of 94.50, which was a fantastic achievement by going through stacks of exam preparations and going through an extensive revision process through grammar and vocabulary building under my coaching.

Here’s an old saying for you to ponder around.この知恵(ちえ)聞いたことありますか?失敗(しっぱい)は成功(せいこう)の元(もと)’ “Failures lead to success.” We all have failures in life, but if learnt and mastered, It is never too late to start getting those wanted results.

Interested in hiring Thomas to be your tutor?

Thomas L – VCE Japanese Tutor